Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 5: Football Sunday

It never happens, ever, but Mr. D and my dad both had today off. It's scary how much they have in common, and the love of football is in the top three shared loves. So, after round two of crazy porn star sex this morning, we headed to my parents for the day.

Mr. D and my dad spent the day parked in front of the TV while mom and I kept them stocked with beer, wings, cigars, etc. They yelled at the TV and attempted to explain football to mom and I. At one point she asked if the colored lines that were popping up over the field are really there, or just for the folks at home. Bless her heart.

We all ate way too much and were way too lazy all day, but it was fun and needed.

AND I learned how to make stuffed shells :)

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