Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 8: Muddy's

Chris showing a Prozac some serious love!

It's no secret that those extra 35 WW points are dedicated to my favorite dessert ever- Muddy's cupcakes. I whole heartedly believe that a cupcake can fix almost anything. It's the one thing, no matter how dedicated I am to living healthier, I may never be able to completely give up. It's usually budgeted into my points allowance, so it's not really all that sinful. Don't judge me :)

Last night, we had dinner with Cins because she's been MIA for a few weeks now. She lost her father, is moving and changing jobs, and had the horse show nationals this month. At this point, I'm fairly sure she'd rather be the headless chicken given how draining- physically and emotionally- the last few weeks have been. I'm horrible at giving that speech about how everything will be okay, and everything will work out, and God has a plan, etc. I know, I'm a horrible friend.

But here's what I AM good at:

Spicy healthy dinner that she had to do nothing for? Check.

Male-bashing for over an hour? Check. (It's healthy sometimes, you can google it.)

Muddy's? Check!

We sat in Muddy's, with the best cupcakes that ever lived, along with Chris and the husbands we were bashing between dinner and dessert. And she laughed- a lot. I haven't seen her much the last few weeks, but it's definitely the best mood I've seen her in for a long time. It was definitely worth all those points!

Cins demonstrating the proper way to eat a cupcake without worrying about icing up the nose!

What can I say, I'm a very self-sacrificing person.

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  1. Found you from Steve's HOT 100 Challenge and I like you already!