Sunday, September 26, 2010

Disney on Ice. 'Nuff Said.

Chris and I at Disney on Ice!

My boys and their cheesy, fried goodness

We took Chris to Disney On Ice tonight, and we had a blast!! By we, I mean Chris and I because Mr. D looked so bored, or sad that he was missing football. Not sure. Embarrassed to admit, I may have been more excited than my 7-year-old.. Mr. D kept staring at me like I was nuts and I'm still not sure whether it was because I was singing along most of the time, or because I was singing along badly. The boys shared an order of cheesy fries, and I shared a soft pretzel with Chris. I easily avoided all the cotton candy, fries, etc. Two days in a row with carnival food in my face and I didn't cave. What an awesome feeling! Hopefully I'll get to see they payoff on the scale Thursday morning- that would be even better.

It's almost bedtime now, and it's been so beautiful outside today that we have all the windows open. Memphis is just now starting to see signs of fall, and it's my favorite season! First night sleeping with the windows open since we moved this summer- yay!

(If a bug sneaks in and crawls up my nose while I'm sleeping though, there may be a follow-up post asking why no one told me what a bad idea this was!)

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