Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Think Happy Thoughts

In an effort to stay OFF the new medicine that really isn't working all that well anyway, I'm doing what I can to improve my over-all mood. I'm cooking healthy meals again, I'm staying on track with my diet, I'm going to start working out again this week, and I'm going to start blogging more often. I say that a lot, and it never happens, but I have to. My goal is to blog daily for at least the next 30 days about one thing (other than the usual- family, friends, etc) that made me smile during the day, or something I'm thankful for. Not unique whatsoever, but maybe having a topic already will make it easier.

So to start the 30 days toward a more positive attitude, I absolutely loved having a nice dinner out on the balcony with my boys tonight.

Now off to bed! Maybe tomorrow I'll be thankful for a good night's sleep!

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