Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How Epic is Blogging in the Car Lane? Very.

Guess what I learned at lunch today?! Now I can blog from my phone. So now I can blog anywhere, like while sitting in the car lane at school for example. Awesome, yes?

My BFF (same one that taught me how to blog via iPhone) and I signed up for a game on a website where you set health "rules" for yourself for the month and earn points as you stick to them. I'm still not sure how it all works as I've only glanced at it, but I do like the concept. The goals I set were:

1. Walk 5 miles minimum weekly.

2. Eat red meat only once a week.

3. Limit computer time to 20 hours a week.

There were so many more I wanted to add, but it only allows 3 on the free game. I'm not sure whether I'll actually play the game or not, but I'm going to talk to my boys tonight about doing it at home together. To make it more fun for Chris, I need a prize for each week he meets the goals he sets for himself. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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