Thursday, October 14, 2010

Half Full

Between home drama and work drama this week, I really owe my doctor a call. This new medicine has saved so many lives.. I figure she's met her good deeds quota for the remainder of the year. Buspar for everyone!

Instead of harping on all of that though, I'm focusing on the week's highlights:
- I did not go to jail.
- Mr. D took Chris to an ADHD follow-up appointment- and totally owned it.

- Mr. D also made me breakfast this morning without me asking. And it was WW friendly.

- Shiny new scale arrived 2 days early.

- K-cup build-your-own-boxes arrived.

- The BFF told a coworker she was a crazy bitch. Priceless.

- I had my favorite Chinese for lunch on cheat day- and did not leave feeling full.

- Chunky dunks were in the case this week at Muddy's- which means God does not hate BFF.
- Two 6-hour work days. 'Nuff said.

I'm ready, Friday. Bring it.

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