Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hot 100 Update, Week 4

Week 4 is already here, and I'm feeling pretty good about where I stand on my goals!

1. Goal 1: Seeing 199 on the scale before 2011. I weighed in this morning, and only lost 0.2 lbs. I promised BFF I would be happy as long as I didn't gain this week, and I'm trying to be. A little TMI, but my cycle is notorious for bringing anywhere from 2-5 lbs along every month (*&^$*#! birth control). They generally fall right off soon after, but it's still frustrating to see that every few weeks. In comparison, I'm pleased to have lost even just the .2 lbs.

2. Goal 2: Working out 3 times a week. And here's WHY I'm having trouble convincing myself that .2 lost is still great... Since last weigh-in, I've logged about 5 hours in the gym, and that's huge for me! I skipped Monday night but did a little with the dumb bells at home, and tonight because it's rest day. After last week, I'm thrilled with this.

3. Goal 3: Trying one new healthy recipe a week. Lazy lasagna has made it's way into my cookbook this week. It's definitely a keeper, and I still can't believe it was only 5 points (about 250 calories) on WW. I paired it with a baby spinach salad and my own version of garlic toast (I sneak my oil servings in here some days) and it was a much healthier Italian dinner.

Even with PMS rearing it's ugly head, this felt like a pretty successful week! I hope everyone else had a great week too!!


  1. Five hours at the gym is awesome! About the .2, I'm sure you know that's great given the whole cycle thing, but I understand how you feel. I have been completely on plan and lost 1.8 lbs., only to feel dissapontment before I could shake it off. I have to constantly remind myself how amazing it feels to be losing the weight...whether it be fast/slow/whatever. It's tough though, because I want it gone right now. :0) Keep going strong.

  2. Sometimes it really sucks being a chick! As much as you want to be happy about any loss you have, it sucks when you are expecting more after working your butt off.

    Keep it up!

  3. Thanks everyone!! It does suck to see such a small loss, but it's better than I was doing a year ago and it will add up!

  4. In terms of the gym, i always try to remind myself that even if i don't see the weight-loss amount i was hoping for at least i am still getting fitter - you are doing valuable work for your heart, lungs, aerobic capacity, etc...and this will all be benefiting you internally and will show up on the scales externally sooner or later.

  5. You're absolutely right, Phil! I get too caught up in the number sometimes and need to remember this. It's about getting healthier overall, not necessarily getting into a pair of skinny jeans!