Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot 100 Update

This week has been crazy! I just realized it was Friday and wanted to quickly post my update for the Hot 100 Challenge:

1. I weighed in yesterday, and lost 2 more pounds this week (for a total of 26.5 so far) putting me at 223.5! If I can hold steady through the holidays, I shouldn't have a problem with hitting my goal to see 199 on my scale before 2011. Just a few more pounds and I'll lose a point on WW.

2. Exercising this week was a little better, but I had to practically force myself for the first 2. I fit in 2 sessions on the elliptical and a weights session at home. Better than last week, I hope to be better next week. My mom's Zumba DVDs came in this week, and she's decided she's not quite ready for those, so I'm stealing them until she's ready to try again. It's been months since I've been to my Zumba class, and I really miss it.

3. Technically I didn't do it, but Mr. D made a turkey sausage and tomato penne this week that came out soooo good! The man can cook when he puts the effort in. So we did add a new healthy recipe to our family cookbook this week. I also made my own apple cinnamon oatmeal with fresh apples and whole grain oats. It came out better than I expected- no more Quaker instant oatmeal here!

4. Keeping my mood steady and positive was a lot harder this week. I had my follow-up appointment with my doctor, and she wasn't too happy when I admitted that between me and webMD, we decided Zoloft wasn't for me and stopped taking it a few weeks ago. The insomnia was making me a slug, and I started to gain back weight. Since weight gain is a side effect, I don't know if it was the pill, or my being sluggish, but I'm betting it was a combination. So we're trying something new (I made her swear weight gain was not a side effect of this one), it should take about a week or so before I can really notice a difference. Given my reaction to the anti-depressant, she wants to try anti-anxiety meds this time. Day 1, and it made me incredibly dizzy and nauseated. So no workout. Hurling in the gym is a sure way to be escorted out.

All in all, it was a successful week. Can't seem to shake this icky mood though. Zumba and cooking on the agenda tomorrow, that should brighten my mood :)


  1. "All in all, it was a successful week." - This is the line that sticks out for me:) Now on to an even better second week!

  2. "...2 more pounds this week (for a total of 226.5 so far) putting me at 223.5!" Congratulations of the weight loss results Mrs.D. Thanks for commenting on my post too - I have subscribed to your posts so we can cheer each other along during the Hot 100 challenge.

    Best of luck for the coming week.

  3. Thanks guys!! That should have been 26.5 lost. Not quite as impressive as 226.5, but I'm happy with it! Hope you have a successful week too!