Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Healthy Crap"

Last night, my parents came over for dinner. We all know how my mother feels about "healthy crap" so I made shrimp Alfredo using her recipe.. sorta. Everyone else had regular noodles, but I baked my first spaghetti squash and used that instead. It's amazing how many calories you save with one simple swap! I'm not going to lie and say you can't tell the difference, because you can, but it's mostly just the consistency (think thinner ramen noodles). The shrimp was cooked in EVOO and garlic, and there was a ton of broccoli mixed in. I started adding up what the calories would have been in her recipe for Alfredo sauce, and stopped when it hit over 2000 for the entire batch! Hers calls for one and a half sticks of unsalted butter, a quart of half and half, flour, and a whole bottle of grated Parmesan, along with the spices. No butter in mine, less of the fat free half and half, less flour, and less of the reduced fat Parmesan along with light soy milk to thin it out some cut my entire batch down to under 900 calories. And my mother never even noticed- how awesome is that? My dad even tried the spaghetti squash and said it wasn't that bad. Another win for the "healthy crap." My plate had very little of the sauce anyway, it was mostly squash, broccoli, and shrimp along with a big salad. With all the liquids, I was still too full to finish half of my plate.

I sent Allan my weigh in for this morning, and the scale is still moving down- slow and steady. We've had omelets around here for breakfast every morning for almost a week straight- this eggs thing works! It's a healthier way to get rid of leftover ham/turkey when stuffed with veggies. This morning's omelet was ham, green peppers, tomatoes, and a smear of fat free cream cheese. My caloric intake at breakfast hasn't changed much, just the foods I'm choosing. Starting the day off with protein and veggies rather than carbs changes the entire day for me. My mood is better, I barely snack (and it's fruit if I do), and I don't crave the carbs at all. For those that are struggling with the snacking and cravings- I highly recommend examining your breakfast choices because it could make a huge difference in your day too.

Along with the spaghetti squash, I also picked up my first pomegranate this weekend. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, so if anyone has suggestions I'd appreciate it!


  1. Mission accomplished ;) Your way works!

  2. Hmmmm. i quite like the sound of spaghetti squash. Well done for creating the same-tasting food with less calories - always great when you still get the taste but with less sinning. lol

    The water really does crush appetite when you ingest the right amount...who knew?

  3. You are doing great! Just ignore your mother ;) What do you eat in a typical day? I am looking for something new.

  4. Phil- I've done that with a few of our old favorites. I'm not going to eat certain foods while dieting, and then go back to what I love when I hit goal or I'll gain it all back. Instead I'm trying to find healthier versions of the same stuff that we'll all enjoy permanently- not just on the diet.

    BWB- It changes week to week depending on my mood. I find a lot of recipes on the Cooking Light website, and alter them to fit our preferences if necessary. A normal day lately is an omelet for breakfast with coffee, a banana or apple for a morning snack, salad with Italian spritzer and either leftovers from dinner or a lean pocket (I try to avoid using those too much though since they're processed but they're great as a back-up plan), and dinner can be anything.. Some of our favorites are greek-style scampi, taco soup, and chicken fajitas. I don't eat salads and grilled chicken day in and day out because I'll get bored, which leads to cheating for me. We limit red meat to once a week, and veggies are in just about every single meal (breakfast included). If I snack, it's fruit or yogurt. If you'd like, email me and I'll send you recipes for any that sound good! I may try to start posting more of the ones we love.