Friday, November 19, 2010

Hot 100 Update, Week 8

Without further delay..

1. Goal 1: Seeing 199 on the scale before 2011. I weighed in at 214.6 this week for a 2 lb loss. No change since Sunday when I checked for Allan's water. I'm still very happy with it given the TOM issue. I've stayed on plan all week, under 1000 calories most days this week. I did my part, so I'm okay with it.

2. Goal 2: Trying one new healthy recipe a week. I'm removing this from my goals, there's only been one week I haven't hit it. Too easy, I'm adding something tougher.

3. Goal 3: Working out 3x a week. 3 hours in the gym, two days with Jillian, Zumba, and 3 morning workouts. I may be taking an extra rest day today because I had a pain in my shoulder and knee after working out yesterday. I know better than to push- 1 day off is better than 1 week off.

NEW GOAL: In bed before 11pm on week nights. Midnight, sometimes later, is my norm and that has to change. I'd love to have this moved up to 10 by 2011, but I'm not setting myself up for failure. Small steps ;) It will make morning workouts easier, and I want to make time for a sit-down breakfast with my boys. I've gotten out of that habit lately, and not happy about it. Time to fix it.

Sorry this is short, at work but wanted to get this crossed off my list! HP post later!! Hope everyone had a successful week!

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  1. Good job on your loss this week! And I like the new goal. You are looking good.

    I'll be sure and skip your Harry Potter post until tomorrow night. :)

  2. Thanks!! You are too! Lean, mean, fat-burning machines! Well.. at least the mean part (as far as I go)!

    I promise not to ruin anything HP related- I try not to do that. Unless your my BFF, and that was an accident. No ma'am, you'll see no "Who Died" lists here!

  3. I did hear this morning on the radio that there was a 5 second sex scene. I'm curious who it's between!

  4. You're getting close to your goal! Keep it up!

  5. Congrats on the loss during TOM. That is when you know you are doing really well. Kudos.

    And studies have shown that more sleep = greater weight loss. So your new goal is probably going to help you in more ways than one.

  6. Great job! I hear you on the sleep. It really is hard to get enough.

  7. Good job this week:) That recipe one would be hard for me - I am a bad cook and a bad menu planner.

  8. Thanks everyone!! Thanks to my pill, I did start my second TOM last night.. that's 2 weeks in a row! Grr.

    The bedtime goal is going to be tough.. I have a hard time going to bed if there are things I haven't finished. I did last night though! I was tired from the midnight HP so I zonked out.

    I'm no great cook either, not like my mom. I'm trying to learn though, and I do enjoy it so that helps. Between the Cooking Light magazines and my new cookbooks, there's a lot I want to try.

  9. Great week and a great job! Keep it up!