Friday, November 26, 2010

Hot 100 Update, Week 9

I have no clue where Chris was hiding when this was taken

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I think this was the most relaxing Thanksgiving I've ever had. I stuck to my plan for the day, and was rewarded for it this morning when I stepped on the scale even though I didn't count calories all day. I exceeded my fluid intake as usual though.

My day started early with cooking, then grabbed a banana and headed to the gym where I did my 5K. Look how red my face was!!
Home for an omelet, followed by more cooking. Dinner at my parent's house wasn't until 4, and I stuck to my one plate. I definitely put too much on my plate, but I ate only about half of the baked macaroni and the stuffing- and there were 3 glasses of unsweetened tea. I also had a small piece of pumpkin pie, but I made it with Splenda, fat free evaporated milk, and egg substitute so it was only about 200 calories.
I was careful choosing what leftovers came home with us after dinner... We left an untouched pumpkin pie there, and what was left of the chocolate one. My mom was kinda pushy about sending home her homemade stuffing with us, but I won and we left with none! This was my biggest temptation on the table honestly. She makes it twice a year max, and I love it. She makes so much that we usually have leftovers for days, even with all of us eating on it constantly. It wasn't unusual for me to have another huge bowl after dessert with nothing but stuffing, gravy, and diced up turkey as a "snack," for lunch and dinner the next day, etc. Tonight, my leftover dinner consisted of turkey, green beans, and carrots- and more water. Much better this year. :)
No more eating the rest of the evening, just tons of water and freezing in the sleet for an hour and a half waiting for Old Navy to open. They had the Kinect game "Dance Central" free with $25 purchase. They only had 60 though, and we were just a few people shy of getting one. We've never been Black Friday shopping before, but we were convinced between the sleet (keep in mind it was 71 degrees outside when I left for the gym earlier) and the game that we just aren't meant to shop this time of year! We stuck around though because a lot of my clothes are getting baggy, and they had great sales on tops. I didn't get much, just a sweater, some pj's, and another top- all in size XL!! I wasn't sure they'd actually fit, but they did even if they were a little sausage-like. There was definitely a little happy dance in those pj's!
On top of that, a woman that checked out right next to us forgot to claim her game, so she gave us the wristband for it and we walked away with it anyway. Smaller clothes AND the game: VICTORY!

Now onto my Hot 100 Update!

1. Goal 1: Seeing 199 on the scale before 2011. I weighed in this morning and lost 1.8 this week putting me at 212.8! It's going to be tough, but it's not out of reach just yet.
2. Goal 2: Working out 3 times a week. Exceeded this one-- 2 hours, 20 minutes in the gym BEFORE my 5K; 30 Day Shred with Jillian twice this week; Yoga once for 45 minutes. I was bored with yoga, so someone suggested I try pilates. I plan on fitting that in sometime this weekend.

3. Goal 3: In bed on work nights before 11pm. Epic fail, the earliest we were in bed all week was 11:30 and we were still awake after midnight. This one's going to be tough!! I'm going to try rearranging some of our night routine to make it a little easier next week.

I got right back on track today- my calories after dinner came to only 760, so I may have a healthy snack later. Thanksgiving was ONE day, regardless of what happened yesterday during the food-fest. What you do today is your choice- choose your health over all that leftover stuffing and gravy! I'll be catching up on the 70+ unread blogs in my reader tonight, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!!


  1. Cute cute cute pjs! It sounds like you did awesome choosing your Thanksgiving food. Obviously, since you weighed in the day after with a loss! Great job!

  2. You kicked Thanksgiving's ass too! :)

    Here's the deal about the below 200 goal. If you make it then congrats! If you don't - well that will make January all the more special. You are so close. The dangerous thing about timed goals is that they can be demotivating. I say keep on doing what you are doing cuz it is working.

    Onward and downward!

  3. Love the PJ's!! You did a really great job with your choices and should be so proud of yourself! Way to go!

  4. Very well done on the healthy choices and showing restraint. I am dreading christmas - I know that not stuffing crap in my mouth is actually as simple as just not picking it up and lifting it to my lips, but the mental struggle is always a tough one!

    Absolute score on getting the game too - just goes to show that some folks can still be nice despite sales always seeming to bring out the worst in people. Nice one.

  5. Nice on avoiding the stuffing!! It is SOOOO good but not THAT good. Just minutes going in the mouth but hours upon hours of exercise to get rid of it! You chose well! Good for your!

  6. Just found your blog. I look forward to following your progress!!

    Keep focused!

  7. Thank you everyone!! Those fleece pj pants are so comfy too!! I was so happy I could actually fit into clothes that weren't in the special plus size section.. now to get into normal jeans! Women in my family have a little black in them- specifically in the trunk ;)

    If I don't get under 200 by the new year, I can live with that as long as I know I did my best. That same goal has sabotaged me before, and I can't let that happen this time! I hope y'all will kick my ass if I do! ;) No coddling for me!

    I'm still dreading Christmas, Christmas Eve specifically, even after a successful T-Day. My mother goes all out at our annual Christmas Eve PJ party.. She puts a veggie tray out, but it usually gets ignored because there's just so much else there! Not to mention all the baking and candy-making our family does.. Yikes!! I'm going in with the same plan of attack I had this week.

    My mom's stuffing is like crack, Debbi!! One bite, and it's tough not to make yourself sick. I think it helped knowing I had to come back and face my blog- especially since Mr. D reads this too, and he'd rat me out if I cheated, haha!

    Thanks for stopped by, Joy!! Very nice to "meet" you!! :)

  8. LOVE the PJ's! Doesn't it feel awesome wearing a smaller size? SO PROUD of you! Congrats on that loss!

  9. It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving and a great week! Good for you!

  10. Ijust found your blog and I really enjoy it. Wish I new how to put on oics like you have. I am still learning and am not very savy with it yet. Gald I found you and am wish ing you the best.

  11. Thanks Becki! I just stopped by yours and left you a comment about the photos- I like yours too! Have a great weekend :)

  12. Stephanie- It doesn't get much better than that! Sometimes the scale can play games, but smaller sizes are proof! Hugs!!

    Thanks Steve, hope you did too!