Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I have to take a pill because THEY won't.

I'm making an effort to focus on the good today. I haven't missed my anti-anxiety medicine much until lately, and I know it's not all pms. Admitting I really may be dependent on a pill just plain sucks. I'm holding off on refilling it as long as I can because I hate taking it. It makes me dizzy and desperate for a nap for about half an hour twice a day, which interferes with too much. Not to mention people assume that EVERY time I get angry, it must be because I skipped a pill. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with them acting like a moron. Exercise and more sex (yes, love, that was for you) helps control my mood just as well without the side effects. Usually. I've been working out, blame Mr. D.

Eating this week has been great, there's no other way to describe it. The last 3 days have ended with anywhere from 6-10 points left, and under 1000 calories. Following Allan's example, I've had eggs for breakfast lately and that's changed my morning eating habits significantly. I'm fuller longer, and I crave carbs less throughout the day- awesome. My lowest water consumption was a little over 150 oz, most days I'm closer to 200. I've spent 2 hours in the gym already this week, walked Monday at work (rained today), and did get in my morning workout today.

My BFF and her boyfriend went ring shopping this weekend (I've told everyone at work, didn't want you guys feeling left out!) and I'm flipping out!! It will be at least 3 weeks before she has it, and unfortunately, he's waiting to surprise her with the timing. Ugh. This did make her a little more interested in my crazy water thing, and she started it today. She's aiming for what I'm drinking since our weights are very close, and she hit her goal today! We spent a lot of time in the bathroom together too ;) She's going to be the prettiest bride ever!!! I'm just so happy for her, she's had a pretty awful year all around. It's about time she has something to get excited about!

Mr. D mentioned since I started writing this that he's doing his part for the less-moody me later... I promise a more sparkly happy post tomorrow. Unless he lied, and then I may need one of you to help with an alibi ;)

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  1. You should research these kinds of meds. Going off of them cold turkey is very bad and will really screw with your physiology. When you do go off of them they take you down in dose gradually. Be caeful with that. Glad to hear eating has gone so well, that's awesome.

  2. It's one they don't advise stopping cold turkey, so I did kind of wean myself off them.. I know I should have talked to my doctor first, but we were trying medicines for 2 months straight and I was hoping I could prove I didn't need them by my next visit. Stubborn and stupid, especially since I may have to admit they were necessary.

    Being wrong is sooo not my favorite thing ;)

  3. There is a pill for making people suck less? How can I get some? :)

    And I will be your alibi if Mr. D doesn't keep his promises.

  4. I love the fact that the best mood-stabilizers are exercise and sex....sounds like the perfect excuse to me! lol.

    I reckon that, long-term, a healthy diet with lots of fruit and veg and regular exercise can reverse quite a few ailments - it's been documented that it helps with physical conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, etc but i've read that it can play a very important role in depression, self-esteem issues, insomnia, and yes, anxiety too.

    I don't want to be a negative-nigel or anything here, but in the short-term, i'd agree with Jaime above, take care of yourself and maybe speak to your doc about coming off the meds - because we all want to see you doing as well as you are right now (awesome), without suffering any setbacks later on just because of a little pill.

  5. You know, I have to totally agree that sex and exercise are the best mood-lifters. They've always worked in my favor when I'm feeling down. *wink*

  6. I think I'm going to at least call and talk to the nurse about it and see what they want me to do. Mr. D's idea of "regular sex" is like twice a month. I'm 25- that's not going to work for me. And he fell through last night, so I may need that alibi after all. He's wonderful in almost every way, but we're completely mismatched in that dept.