Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Peer Pressure. And a Little Jealousy.

I keep reading about the DDD Challenge that Allan is hosting, everyone is doing it! Everyone seems to be doing fantastic with their weight loss as well. That, combined with the bit of boredom I'm experiencing with Weight Watchers, especially since they're changing the plan slightly, made me email Allan and join in. I surrendered, bring on the water.

Today was the first day for me. My calorie goal is 1540, and my minimum fluid intake is 101. I ended my first day with 1165 calories (I still have 4.5 points left) and ended with 152 oz of water. I didn't add in my coffee or crystal light.

Working out and eating right have been great this week! My whole body is sore, and for some reason, that kind of makes me happy. I've been setting my alarm early all week so I could squeeze in a quick workout before work, and finally did today. I've got over 2.5 hours logged in the gym, 45 mins of Zumba, 20 mins of lunges/weights/crunches so far, AND went with my coworker for a 20 minute walk during lunch today. Bring it on, weigh-in.

On another note.. We've tried a few new recipes this week from the new cookbooks, I'll be posting those later this week.

Looking forward to a better Hot 100 update this week! Hope everyone else is too!!

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