Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Msg and The Mother are Trying to Kill Me.

As I mentioned before, I had planned to make General Tso's Chicken for dinner. I have a huge crush on Chinese food, so learning to make it healthier was high on my to-do list. Since my dad is very rarely off work, and he and the hubs are buddies, I invited him and my mom over for dinner Sunday.

Mistake número uno, my friend.

She had a MUCH better idea involving my favorite Chinese place. After last week, I was not a fan of this idea, so I told her I would talk to Mr. D. Apparently, she text him about it as soon as we hung up. WTF, woman? He was still very supportive of me not wanting to go, awesome husband that he is most of the time. I could tell he really wanted to though, and the offspring overheard us discussing dinner with Mimi and Pappy, so we went.

I went in with a plan this time, knowing exactly what would be on my one plate- and I stuck to it- 2 pieces of sushi, 2 crab rangoons (my MIL gave me a healthier recipe for these too), spoonful of noodles and sesame chicken, 1 chicken wing, and a large serving of broccoli.

To offset as much of the damage as possible (that junk is still loaded with msg!) I gulped down 12 glasses of water and 2 glasses of unsweetened tea. I also worked out twice- 45 minutes of Zumba before dinner, and an hour at the gym afterwards.

I'm not at all unhappy with how I handled it. I am unhappy with how difficult it was to finish my one plate.. And then wait. My husband and parents both went back for seconds, and then ice cream. I swear there were 8 ice cream cones eaten at that table, and I never touched one. And the kicker? As we're leaving, my mother says, "I bet waiting for us to finish and not going back for more was hard!"

If this statement had NOT been followed by a laugh, I may not have thought it to death. But there was, and I have. I do love my mother, and I accept her for all her craziness, but come on.. I don't even know if she does this consciously, but she definitely puts me in more tempting situations than anyone I know. It's not uncommon for her to ask us to pick her up donuts, or cupcakes, etc on the way to visit (she very rarely leaves the house), despite me telling her repeatedly that I just cannot do that. Not only is it more tempting for me, but my son will want it then too, and neither of us need that junk. I won't even go into what she would cook whenever I would try to diet when I still lived at home.. Paula Deen pretty much sums that up.

I've always had trouble telling my mother no, but have gotten a lot better at standing my ground lately. I can't help but wonder if this will ever change though.

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  1. Great work at dinner! It is really hard when people don't support what you are doing and rub it in your face. Is your mother overweight? Maybe a little jealous of what you are doing?

  2. I've wondered if that may be part of it.. She lost about 85 lbs a few years ago, but has since put back on at least half of it. Just 2 weeks ago, I had to take her my pants that have gotten too big to wear to work. Technically, she still weighs a little less, but mine may be more toned because they fit her fine. You'd think having struggled with this before, she'd be more supportive, and she is - verbally - most of the time.

  3. Oh dear ... I could tell you stories about my mother that would make your hair curl. LOL! I think you did great at dinner. Way to go! :)

  4. I feel your pain on this, but you know what, you did GREAT! I am really proud of you!

  5. Thanks! I think it's best I stay out of the awesome Chinese buffet for now, haha! I was like a junkie going through withdrawal! Hope everyone has a great week!