Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Bladder is a Wimp.

AND it woke me up at 2:30 am. Not cool, bladder. Yesterday and today so far, I'm in the bathroom at least once an hour. I finally asked my boss if I could move megadesk to the bathroom... I'm sure my bladder will eventually get used to the increased fluids, just as it did when I started drinking 48-64 months ago. Aside from my bladder's mutinous behavior, I'm loving how the increased water is making me feel. Its probably a combination of all the water and working out, but I just feel better. I'm also full longer so it's keeping me from snacking much at all, but never really get to a point where I do NOT want more water either. Obviously Allan is right, this is what my body has needed all along, it's just become accustomed to functioning on less.

I may have imagined this part, but I swear my stomach seemed a little flatter this morning. Could I really have been that bloated?? Whatever, I'll take it.

I got up early again this morning to squeeze in crunches, lunges, push-ups, all that fun stuff, and went walking during lunch with BFF and coworker again today. I've got a date with Zumba after work as well. Working out has been great this week, and I'm loving it despite how sore I am today.

Mr. D and I finally got around to watching "The Walking Dead" last night- we loved it! Little girl zombie within the first 5 minutes? Count me in. Happy to say that I will not be the first one eaten when the zombie apocalypse comes. Not only can I run away faster than before, I also have a little less meat on me, thus removing me as first preference for dinner by the zombie masses. Death by zombies is not how I wanna go.

It's all about motivation, folks.

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  1. lol...i can relate to the peeing issues. I just started allan's challenge and my body is still adjusting to the additional fluid sloshing around inside, but my skin is already feeling better.

  2. I just started it yesterday, and wowza!! It hasn't been difficult though, just excessive bathroom breaks!

  3. If we ever get invaded by isn't about how fast I can run but how fast I can throw someone under the bus!

  4. Tomorrow's exercise drill: How to trip someone without falling too while escaping death by zombies! I'm uncoordinated enough to make this an issue ;)

  5. I got up 3 times to pee last night! For me, the more I get up at night it is a good thing. When I don't drink enough or I eat crap, I retain water and sometimes actually sleep through the night.