Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bring it.

The potluck today was a food-fest.. There was chicken spaghetti, breakfast casserole, on the border dip, shrimp dip, smokey's, and more desserts than I could count- including a sundae bar type deal. As planned, I stuck to my one bowl of the taco soup I brought, a few pieces of cantaloupe and pineapple, and the skinny cow bar I brought. As the afternoon wore on, I kept getting up and walking by the food.. I won't deny being tempted, I absolutely was. In the end, it wasn't worth it though. Especially after seeing my scale inch down a little this morning (yes, I peeked). I've got batch 2 of the strawberry bread in the oven, crunchy peanut butter balls and cookies waiting to be finished, and honestly not tempted. I guess all the baking has a slight numbing effect?

I brought up the Biggest Loser competition today after lunch, and it was met with some enthusiasm. I say some, because it took a minute before I even got a response from anyone. One of the coworkers, THE coworker that irks me like few can, said she was going to give me a run for my money. Bring it, granny. This is the same woman that compared me to herself a few weeks ago, and announced that I, like her, had major issues with moderation and THAT is why I turn down the "just one" all the time. Couldn't possibly be because I just don't want to waste my limited calories on junk. She also proceeded to lecture me yesterday about not mentioning calories, or points, or whatever all day because no one wanted to hear it.. Competing against her is going to be wonderful motivation. Sorry.. where was I? Right, helping the coworkers lose weight!! I honestly do hope to see ALL of them succeed with it, and if someone beats me (even her), I'll be obnoxiously happy for them. Honest. I started to say it's not a contest, but it is. Thankfully, I have Al and Phase 4 on my side! I have to work out all the details this weekend, and we'll start January 3. I'm a little scared though.. they were actually talking about stuffing their faces to gain as much as possible over the holidays so it would give them an advantage in the contest. More to lose, I suppose. Oy.

Annnndddd retard update: While getting dressed this morning, I decided to be less Scrooge-like today for the potluck. I dug out my penguin top, and the only pair of black slacks I haven't given away yet... and the slacks were too big. Falling off my hips, too big. I dug out 2 skirts.. too big. Then a pair of black jeans (we aren't supposed to wear jeans, but they were dark and don't LOOK like jeans..) and they were too tight. WTF. And they were 18s, same size as the pair I was strutting about a week ago. I know, different brands vary with their sizes, but I wasn't all that logical this morning. So I was very frustrated when I couldn't even button them, and may have gotten a little choked up. I really am thrilled that most of my clothes are too big, it was just a little frustrating while trying to get dressed this morning. And of course, my Secret Santa at work gave me a gift card to a clothing store that had a note in it, "To fill in the wardrobe until you get to goal!" I love Joy. Even if she did bring a sundae buffet today. It was nice knowing that not everyone in the office is waiting to see me fall on my face. Some of them really are supportive and want to see me succeed. Hopefully the contest will build a more supportive group for all of us.

That's all I got.. husband is on the way home, and I plan on burning some extra calories!! If you haven't read it yet, check THIS out. But pee first. Just sayin'.


  1. Methinks Granny is jealous and is trying to sabotage you a bit.

    Your closet is screaming out about how well you are doing. If your clothes don't fit like that then you are doing something right girl.

  2. That was really nice of your coworker to give you the giftcard for more clothes- have fun shopping!!

  3. Great job at the potluck! You were a lot stronger than I would have been. I have a bad weakness for chicken spaghetti. LOL

  4. Thanks!! The potluck really wasn't hard, even with the chicken spaghetti because it wasn't MY chicken spaghetti. She made hers different, and it looked off to me. Everything else- I'd never had before, so I didn't KNOW how good it was, or wasn't. That won't be the case tonight at my mom's house.. I know exactly how delicious everything is. I'm borrowing Allan's thing- first it's food, then poop, LOL!

    Mae- that's what I asked for when most people asked what I wanted this year. I wasn't sure what size, and I'm going to keep dropping sizes, so gift cards were the best way to go. I do work with some wonderful people!