Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, and a TMI

Quickly, before I get distracted... Stupid ADD.

It's New Years Eve, we have no real plans aside from the Steph coming over later since her husband may or may not be leaving her alone with their son tonight to go to a party. Mhm, you read that right. I don't like knowing friends or family are alone on holidays, so we're whisking her away. She wants "party food" and Mr. D is on the same page with her and has requested wings. I'll budget them in, and have fruits and veggies for me to munch on as well. There WILL be room on my $&*%!@* table. We'll be playing Kinect a lot, so yay for some sweat time!

Actually, the reason for the quick post was to A) tell you the 2 lbs I saw earlier this week have left the building. They didn't take any extra with them, but at least they're gone. And B) I'm about to head to the gym for the first time in weeks, because of the leg injury and this stupid cold/cough I can't seem to kick completely. My legs STILL ache from 2 days ago, but they're loose enough that I'm not waddling like a penguin... as much. So, I'll try my luck with the elliptical. Hopefully I won't get kicked out for coughing on the machines. (Can they do that???) Anyway, I've told you guys I'm going, so now I have to.

And.. TMI comment of the week: It has been ON at my house with Mr. D! For the first time since July, I feel like a newlywed. I don't even care that my thighs and butt are still a big ball of hurt from all the crazy lunges and squats. He thinks I'm trying to kill him, and my attitude is at least we'll die happy :-D I wouldn't be shocked if that's what kicked the 2 lbs back off. Heh.

Happy New Year everyone!!!


  1. AWESOMENESS (on ALL accounts)!!!! *wink* I'm grinning so big for you right now. :) Have fun and I hope you and yours have a wonderful new year full of happiness and blessings! *HUGS*

  2. hehhehehehehehehe!!!! LOVE IT! You go girl.. you ring in the new years mad married style!

    That is my plan the next morning!!!!

  3. What a way to end the year! Enjoy your plans tonight, all the good lovin' you can get and your revisit to the gym. Going to the gym today rather than putting it off until the New Year shows your committment and determination. That's awesome. Hope the cough uses the same exit as the 2lbs soon. Happy New Year!

  4. WAHOOO!!! :D I'm grinning big for you too, Mrs. D!

    I hope your cold/cough gets better soon, and have a great New Year's celebration! And good for you for whisking your friend away to celebrate with you. :)

  5. Well Happy New Year to you and Mr. D! :D

  6. Happy New Year to y'all too!! I did hit the elliptical, with almost no coughing!! And again this morning! Woot for being back on track! :D