Monday, December 6, 2010

Here goes..

We haven't even started Phase 3, and I feel like I'm already being tested.

I'm just going to put this out there.. I don't care that it's not WL related, though at the moment, I guess it is for me.

Hypothetically.. Option A- sex. Option B- a Patriot's game.

Hopefully you're with me, and voted A. Husband did not. And now he's snoring on the couch- skipping both.

I've barely even alluded to it before, but Mr. D and I have issues in that department, being that we are not at all well matched. I don't talk about it here because frankly, it's depressing and embarrassing. The Patriots game isn't even the most embarrassing thing I've lost to either (if you don't own an Xbox- good. Keep it that way). Some nights, I get angry and pour that into the gym. Other nights, like now, I want to eat myself numb.

I'm getting myself in the shower and into bed now before I can do anything I regret in the morning. Hopefully Debbie Downer will be gone by morning!


  1. Awww Honey, I am unsure of the Patriot game, I dunno what that is, but I feel for you in the sex dept. I am going to the gym tonight too, for reasons similar. If you wanna talk dont hesitate to email me.

    Mrs. Crumpet

  2. Sorry to hear that! Positive side you have found a different way to deal with it. Huge hug your way!

  3. That would be so frustrating. :( And I can totally see where it would lead to trying to eat the frustration away. Like BW&B said, I'm glad you can channel that frustration in a positive direction. *hug*

  4. That's happened to me before too. It sucks and it does nothing for the self esteem. I wish I had good advice...but I don't.

  5. Thanks guys.. I've been avoiding talking about it but last night I just really needed to vent a little. The self-esteem thing is a huge part of it. With or without the 40 lbs, he still doesn't want to. I had my little pity party last night, and started wondering what was the point if my own husband doesn't even notice. Thoughts like that are stupid, and no room in my life anymore. Thank you so much for listening to me and being here :) I heart you guys!!

  6. I can say that ocasionally we just need to be cracked over the head. It's like the windows phone tv comercial. The wife is standing there in all her hotness, and he's on the phone. REALLY?

    I also feel a lot of times that the Mrs just doesn't want anything to do with me. There is a severe lack of physical contact around our household.

  7. Talking about emotional issues that weigh us down mentally is just as important as talking about calories and water! I hope you feel better getting it out of your system, I know I always do when I just talk about it. Life is never perfect, hang in there :)

  8. I agree with Jamie, venting about what is bothering you allows you to deal with it instead of suppressing it and then wanting to eat to compensate.

    The Patriots game sucked anyway. What does the hubby say when you try to talk to him about it?

  9. So far, no eating to suppress- even with him sitting next to me munching on a huge plate full of hot chocolate chip cookies. Damn him.

    He doesn't really think there's an issue, and just shrugs it off when I bring up getting his testosterone checked. A friend/coworker slipped me a box of Cialis today, but it's not a physical issue (the equipment is fine, just no desire to use it). And honestly, I'm probably just as much a part of the problem now because it's become such a touchy subject after being promised change for months. I'm going to try talking to him, with no distractions, Friday when we'll have time alone.

  10. Oh honey, I'm SO sorry you're going through this. I can only imagine how frustrated you must be because that would totally frustrate me to the breaking point, I believe. I think having his testosterone level checked is a wonderful idea, if you can talk him into it. Is he on any type of medication? I know sometimes that can wreck havoc on a man's libido. *HUGS*

  11. okay, sorry to be blunt, but if you just started yanking down his pants and going to Fellatio Town, he'd push you away? If so, then yes, the man needs to see a doc. I can't imagine a man alive who would turn down a hummer or not think sex was a really cool idea unless something was up!

    I spent a year and a half without any sex drive when I was 31 and it was due to a health crisis. Clearly, the health issue segued into a sex thing. Normally, I'm pulling hubby's pants off as soon as i lay eyes on him. Losing desire is NOT normal---something is up, even if it's just stress or poor diet or no exercise. Something.

    Hope you guys work that out.

    Try the hummer thing. See what he does. :D Works with mine every time. TV or XBox loses out when I get on my knees. :D

  12. Blunt works for me Princess!! Unfortunately, I've done just that already, when I couldn't convince him to turn off the Xbox (seriously- don't let these in the house). His response was, "You're going to get me killed! That's distracting!"

    I'm completely understanding of any medical issues, and I can work with those. My mom had hormonal imbalances and was on tons of heavy duty medications for YEARS and it zapped hers. He won't even acknowledge it's a possibility though. His diet isn't bad since I've started cooking healthier stuff, but he is in front of the tv most of the time when he isn't working. He's only a little overweight right now, and he refuses to exercise with me.

    We have date night tomorrow, and we've been talking more about it (calmly) lately.. asking you guys to pray I get laid sounds kinda tacky.. but it sounds good right now!

  13. It's not tacky. God wants married folks to live it up bedwise. I mean, I get hot reading Song of Solomon. :) (Raed that to hubby on honeymoon. Very hot.) We're supposed to be making sure our mates are satisfied. (Even when I lost my sex drive and was sick, I got lubricants and just made sure he got some, even if I wasn't really into it. I think not satisfying a mate is very selfish ..and dangerous! Can't blame a mate for going out of control if you don't satisfy their libido, imo. I mean, the sex drive beast is a crazy animal. Spouses need to be tamers. :)

    I hope you not only get laid, you get laid ROYALLY and have a couple multiple orgams. Why not! Go get him!

  14. I hope you have a wonderful date night that leads to wild, passionate, madhot sex!!! ;D

    (I've got a gamer for a husband as well, and they do get mad when you try to interrupt them when they're in the middle of a battle. So the next time you try distracting him from the XBox, try telling him "find a save spot" first...) ;)