Friday, December 3, 2010

Hot 100 Update, Week 10

Just a real quick post before I head to work!

1. Goal 1: Seeing 199 on the scale before 2011. I lost only 1.2 this week, putting me at 211.6 so I'm fairly sure this goal won't happen. I'll be closer than I was before though, and I took my monthly pictures, and I think I see a difference..

2. Goal 2: Working out 3 times a week. Met this goal with 2.5 hours in the gym and W1D1 of C25K. Not as much as last week, but I was working around some pretty sore thighs and a back injury via stupidity in the shower.. I'll elaborate later.

3. Goal 3: In bed by 11 on work nights. I barely made it before 11 only twice this week. Will definitely make this more of a priority next week.

I admit being a little bummed about the weigh-in, I know I did more than 1.2 lbs this week. I exceeded my maximum water intake daily, stayed under 1200 calories, and still worked out 4 days this week before the shower incident. Weeks like this make me glad I started taking pictures. The first one is from 11/12/10 and the second is from today.

Do you see a difference?


  1. I definitely see a difference. You can really tell in your stomach area. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. I totally see a difference! Keep it up, lady! Even if you don't make your exact goal, it's okay. You're making progress and you WILL get there eventually! Love to see the pictures, thanks!

  3. Girl, you can TOTALLY see the difference. Sometimes the number on the scale can ruin a good thing. Just look at you! You are making losing it and your body is changing. Keep it up and don't worry about your 1.2 loss (which I think is still amazing).

  4. I notice! Great changes in only a few weeks. Debbi is right, with the work you're putting in you will eventually reach your goals. 1.2 lb loss is still fantastic. Keep at it.

  5. I found you through the Hot 100 challenge.

    Yes, I do see a difference! You are making great progress!

    The scale is not the only way to judge your success, the photos, how your clothes fit, how you feel and the improvements in your diet are also important! Way to go!

  6. OMG yes! Confirmation for why we should all focus on the scale less and the changes in our bodies and spirits and behaviors more. Good for you:)

  7. WOW! What a great difference! Are you taking measurements? Sometimes any number down is a big help!

  8. I can totally see a difference, hot Momma! Congrats on that loss! You're doing GREAT! :)

  9. O.K First off, well done i Totally see a difference and I am a fan, you have done well.

    Secondly, you are acting dumb if you think you can't reach that goal, by being negative for your 199 before 2011 goal you are setting yourself up, your other goals are in support of achieving the first one. Push yourself, and most all all prove to YOURSELF how much you want that, dont worry to much about proving it to us, we'll support you the whole way, ups and downs. But you can lose 12+ pounds in December. Stop bringing yourself down like that it only makes things worse.

    Mrs. Crumpet

  10. Nice to meet another hottie! yep, I can totally see the difference - keep up the good work!

    And don't worry about the weigh in - you can't expect the scale to show exactly what you've done the previous 7 days - just keep looking at the big picture.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. As you said, "I lost only 1.2 this week"... I'd lose the word "only" from that sentance myself. Any loss is to be celebrated. More would be nice, A bunch more very nice; but 1.2 less of you is just fine.

  12. Thanks everyone- you're all so right! I don't know why I let the scale get to me, that has to stop. I haven't taken measurements, or even checked my BMI, that may need to change as well. I think I get so focused during the week, that I step on the scale with expectations, and am disappointed when it's not what I thought.

    Mrs. Crumpet- I heart you for calling me out! Negativity is stupid, it creates self-fulfilling prophecies, and that definitely won't get me under 200. I so needed an attitude adjustment! I'll be heading to the gym tonight to start putting more of a dent in that goal!

    You too Patrick! I've strung together more weeks of straight losses than ever before, and I need to celebrate that!

  13. Scale disappointment has thrown me off track many a time in the past, I totally get where you're coming from! But I can see a big difference in those pics, so no matter what you're seeing in numbers, it's making a difference! You look fabulous!

  14. Big difference in the pics! Now must go find out what the "shower incident"