Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Sanka: You mean winter, as in Eskimos and igloos and penguins and ICE?
Derice: Maybe.
Sanka: See ya.

Amen, Sanka. Amen.

Some of just aren't cut out for cold weather. Then, when some of us lose body fat that aided in insulation during past winters.. It's like a death sentence. I'm not at ALL exaggerating here, guys.

Imagine my excitement when I see this:

Freezing rain.. And that little red 1 next to Severe? It's warning me about all the ice they're expecting tomorrow morning. Even completely ignoring the SLOW COLD DEATH looming in my immediate future, some of us are also pretty uncoordinated. Like can't-walk-across-a-flat-surface-that-ISN'T-iced uncoordinated. So if the cold doesn't kill me fast enough, busting my head on the ice will surely finish me off. Or incapacitate me just enough to prevent my escape from a SLOW COLD DEATH.

On another note, there's junk that has slowly made it's way down into my chest since I've been at work. Nasty junk that makes it hurt to even consider coughing it up. Ew.

If work closes tomorrow (I live in Memphis- the whole place shuts down at the threat of ice), I may lounge and drink hot stuff in my fuzzy socks with Chris :)

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  1. Ah Memphis! I spent about 4 months in Memphis once, from Oct '84 to Jan '85. It snowed at Christmas. Like 2.5 feet of it. All at once. In all my years of living in Michigan and getting that kind of snow every once in awhile, cuz honestly, we don't get that much, that often....never had I seen anything like I saw in Memphis!! The airport closed, stranding me away from family for a few days, while snow removal equipment was trucked in from Ohio and Kentucky. The drivers were hilarious, if not totally clueless!! It was quite the spectacular event! And even though I've lived in Michigan for all but 8 of my years, I still hate the cold and snow and ICE!! And the wind!! Keep warm down there!!!

  2. Being just under 400lbs for many years, I was hardly ever cold. Then my body changed a couple of years ago. Not sure why, I didn't lose weight. Now, I am cold all the time. Add colder temperatures and I am freaking freezing. Over Thanksgiving we traveled to North Idaho where the high temperatures for the days were like 5, 9 and 10. OMG, I thought I was going to die. The left side of my back and neck start having unbearable pain when I get cold. I squirm trying to find a comfortable position that does not exist. The only way the pain leaves is when I warm up. So I feel ya. Big time.

    I would have more of those pajama days and stay snuggled up inside drinking hot tea or other treats. Good luck.

  3. Oh God, I am cold all the time now. I have to wear socks to bed. Losing the fat has turned me into one of those "complainy about the cold" people. But I'm okay with it because I'm losing the fat that kept me warm.

  4. Being 300+ pounds, I'm rarely ever cold. I actually look forward to the day when I'll HAVE to buy a jacket. LOL Hope you feel better real soon! *HUGS*

  5. My mom was from Michigan too! Her first winter down here, she tried driving in snow because SHE knows how.. didn't take her long to realize that WE do not, LOL!

    Still feeling icky, like there's this huge sore lump in my throat, so I called in and we're going to finish shopping. Ahhh sick days :)

  6. Ugh! After all the ice we had last year, I sure don't want any more. I think you all had the same ice storm. It is sleeting here now.

  7. I hope that you got out of work! There's noting better than a snow day! I am so uncoordinated on ice too- I have to walk super slow in the winter so I don't fall down. I have noticed I get cold a lot easier since losing weight, too!