Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Just a quickie..

Tonight is the Christmas Eve PJ Party, and I'm nervous! There will be wings, buffalo chicken dip, sausage casserole, meatballs, smokey's.. and those are just the things that ARE going to be a huge temptation. Wearing my XL Christmas PJ's will be a good reminder though. There's going to be a Michael Jackson Wii game dance-off, but not sure I'll be able to participate since I start coughing my lungs up the second I move around a lot. At least this junk is finally starting to come up though.. I'm trying to be a half-full person today!

Last night was cookie-baking, gingerbread-house making, and tent-building at the Steph's house. The boys (my son and my 12-year-old cousin) had fun. I had a slice of pizza, but it was worked into my calories for the day. I still felt guilty at first, but let it go. I've been strict all week long with calories AND where they came from, so that one slice of pizza will not affect my scale. It wasn't a "reward," just ran into one of those real-life scenarios when not everything around you is a healthy option. No cookies for me, even though my son really pushed. I told him we had to save them for Santa, and he completely agreed!

For Christmas Day, we usually have a traditional dinner much like Thanksgiving. I handled turkey so well that I wasn't at all worried about Saturday.. but then my mother called last night and said that was cancelled. Instead, they all want to go to Panda. That's right, the dreaded Chinese Buffet. Instant death by sodium. I said I really couldn't eat there, and then I was Scrooge. I tried the "money's tighter right now because of Christmas" thing, and they said they were paying anyway. Drat. There is almost nothing at this place that isn't at least soaked in sauce- even the asparagus. I can't count calories as the place has no website, so I'll have to guesstimate using PF Chang. I'm going to drown myself with water, and do the best I can with my options. One plate, half veggies- that worked pretty awesome last time.

Time to start all the baking. I'll have pictures this weekend sometime. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your loved ones- not the cookies!


  1. Enjoy your family. The food isn't the reason for the season. You can do this. And really, do you want Allan chomping on your ass if you don't? :)

    At least you are feeling a little better. That is something.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas in spite of the worst buffet known to a dieter. That is the one food choice I never allow anyone to make for me. I have fat cancer dammit. These people need to recognize!

  2. I'm sure you can find something at Panda that isn't too bad. If anything, you can eat super small portions. Good luck!

  3. I hope you and your family have had a wonderful Christmas! *Hugs*