Thursday, December 2, 2010

Misery Loves Company!

Disclaimer: STILL mad, can't be held accountable for swearing.

Let's start with something simple: What is the difference between an alcoholic and an obese individual? Here's what I came up with:

-Both experience denial about their issue.
-Both isolate themselves from friends/relationships.
-Both drink/eat in secret to hide just how much they're consuming.
-Both increase their risk of health issues immensely.
-Both use their addiction of choice as a means to deal with emotions.
-Both have negative self-image issues, perpetuated by their addiction.

Wait, weren't we discussing the differences between the two? The only difference I see is what their drug of choice is honestly. If you were to not only approve of, but mix and conceal a recovering alcoholic while they sneak a drink, that would make you a pretty shitty person. So someone, please, tell me why it is okay to email someone that is on a diet- and you're aware of it- and ask that person (who has already said no once) if they would like you to fetch them a piece of cake, and hide it at your desk so they can enjoy it without "the nazi" finding out?!?! How would that be any different from enabling (aiding and abetting sounds more accurate here to me) an alcoholic? Aha- now I see the difference.. Obesity is a much more acceptable form of addiction apparently.

This, the emailing thing, actually took place in my office yesterday. You've all heard me talk about my BFF before. We work together, we diet together, I love her. She's been struggling lately due to a combination of stress, too much on her plate, and being surrounded by people that would love to see her fail at this- primarily, our miserable, fellow fat coworkers. We work in a large medical office, so there's food catered every day (sometimes more than once) and most of it is junk. BFF and I bring our lunches daily because of it, and we eat later than everyone else to ensure the food is cold by then, and less tempting. Yesterday, there was cake as a dessert and BFF passed on it easily. We had our lunch, came back to the office, and then the food-pusher started in on her. First it was just, "Aren't you getting any cake? Can I fix you a plate?" BFF still said no thanks, and that's when the email was sent.

If you don't know already, I'm "The Nazi" she was offering to conceal cake from. Back in April, it was BFF that finally kicked my butt into gear. She stayed on top of me, making sure I wasn't cheating, motivating me, whatever it took. She was the mentally strong one then, and I jokingly caller her "The Weight Watcher Nazi." Trust me, it was a term of endearment. Recently, we've switched sides, and I'm now the Nazi. I stopped pushing the other coworker weeks ago, but never BFF. She pushed me when I needed it, so I owe it to her. The whole office knows we are getting healthier, they all know I'm the Nazi, and they all think we're doing a great job. Yet some of them still become food-pushers when certain foods pop up in the kitchen. They never do this to me anymore because it's a waste of time, but they KNOW she has been struggling and they STILL do it because they are obese and choosing to do nothing about it. It makes me want to hurt these miserable old women.

Thankfully, BFF and I choose not to be misery's company anymore. Don't let anyone sabotage you over the next 29 days!


  1. I think a lot of it comes down to jealousy. I mean really, why else wouldn't someone want someone else to lose weight? I used to get so terribly jealous when I'd see that someone around me was losing weight. I'd made snide comments to others even. And it all came down to the fact that I was just jealous of their accomplishments. Keep being the Nazi, you and your BFF are going to appreciate each other's pushes and it sounds like you already do. In the words of Marie Antionette, "Let them eat cake!" :)

  2. I am so sorryyou guys have to put up with that but I hope your BFF is staying strong as you are and they can go fly a kite!! I have people in my life that look at me strangely bc I am choosing to refrain from red meet and wont eat at the Chinese Buffet. I go bc they are family (bf's parents) and for the company but I wont eat there. YET they insist on trying to convince me to eat there and other meals that are not healthy for me anymore. its driving me crazy!!!

  3. It's amazing how the co-worker who couldn't face up to the realities of what is necessary to lose weight makes you seem like the enemy....that is so how people are tho, huh? What's with that?

    It is so blatantly obvious that, as you say in the post title, she just wants to bring others down to her level so she could bitch and moan and come up with excuse after excuse for not doing anything to remedy the situation with someone else to listen. If she can't do what's required, at least she could be happy for you guys going forward and keep encouraging you.

    She is a saboteur of the highest order mate and you are write to regard her as such.

  4. Great job on support one another! In an office filled with food I would pay good money to have you sitting with me and not hte rest of these people that just eat and and keep asking you to join them!

  5. It makes it so much easier to deal with stupid people when you have a BFF to support you. Women can be jealous hags. You know after the whole email, I probably would have gone off on the lady. Seriously! You and BFF stay strong! Then flaunt your skinny asses around the office while they are still stuffing their face with cake!

  6. There's no doubt in my mind that it's jealousy, and even though I understand the why behind it, it's still not ok. Over half the office has dieted on and off over the past year and no one has made any real changes. Maybe they don't even realize what they're doing. They'll tell us how great we're doing, and how much better we're looking.. and then 2 hours later trying to tempt us with cake/brownies/italian/whatever the junk of the day is. If they're happy being fat, wonderful for them, but they need to stop trying to trip us up. BFF and I really are lucky to have each other for accountability!

  7. Food pushers are the absolute worst! I would definitely feel the need to confront that woman about the email. That's just taking it to a whole other level because it encourages the hiding and sneaking aspect of overeating. Your point about alcoholics v obese people is well taken - and yet it's considered totally unacceptable when enablers help alcoholics sneak a drink and hide it from those who really care about them. Blech - that's messed up. You deserve to be pissed for sure.

  8. Good for you. I wish I had you at my house to keep me on track...
    It's so hard to deal with people like food pushers...they try and make you feel bad for saying no....

  9. I don't know what to think of food pushers. I think they feel if they can get others to eat like them then that will justify their eating. But it's good to just separate yourself from them and do your own thing. Eventually, they will leave you alone.