Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday's Lazyday

Sunday has been kind of lazy around here today. Minimal cleaning, no errands to run, and Chris has been obsessed with his new computer game. Mr. D won't be home for about another hour and I'll be heading to the gym when he does. May start C25K W1D3 if knee has recovered enough from Friday night to handle it. If not, I'll still be putting a dent in my December GTD mileage on the elliptical.

And then it's the season finale for The Walking Dead :(

I don't usually post pictures of my food unless it's a new recipe or special occasion, but I did today. In my earlier post, I said 1200 calories was a lot of food when you make the right choices. Here's my proof:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup egg substitute, 1/4 cup green peppers, 2 slices reduced sodium turkey bacon, 1 oz fat-free cream cheese and coffee with 2 tbsp fat-free half and half. 167 calories
Lunch: Whole wheat sandwich round, 3 slices 98% fat-free turkey, 1 slice fat-free american cheese, mustard, 1 tbsp light miracle whip, lettuce, green pepper, and 1 whole dill pickle. 181 calories
Dinner: Hungry Girl's jambalaya (I used turkey sausage instead of the chicken sausage it calls for- and will leave it out next time honestly). It's mostly celery, onion, green pepper, tomatoes, and shrimp with some brown rice thrown in. 218 calories

My totals so far today are only 567 calories. I didn't finish dinner, and didn't snack at all today because of all the water (I'm only at 112 oz right now, but several hours to go and a gym date). This is quite a bit under my limit, but unintentionally. Usually, I hover at about 1000 most days. Add a banana/apple and a fiber bar in there (my normal snacks) and that still only brings it to 747 calories. Excited to see Allan's packet tomorrow though, I need some new ideas so I don't get bored!

Edited: Skipping gym tonight to spend some time with Mr. D instead- we've barely seen each other all weekend. Knee is still popping a little anyway, so I'd rather wait an extra day and KNOW I can do C25K. :)


  1. I'm totally looking forward to new stuff, I'm getting bored and running out of ideas with my stuff.

  2. Damn, that breakfast looks yummy! You can cook that for me anytime. :)

  3. Sometimes time at home is just needed =)

  4. Good for you for spending time with your honey! And taking care of your knee as well.

    And I agree -- your breakfast looks delicious! :)

  5. Everything looks delicious! I love those sandwich thins for my sandwiches too. They taste really good. :)

  6. Dayyuuummm, that breakfast made me super hungry! If my food looked like that, i could do 1200 easy. But it never comes out that purty, no matter how hard I try.

  7. Anytime y'all are in Memphis ;) Cooking for people that won't say, "ughhh.. FAT-FREE cream cheese? No real eggs?" would be nice for a change, LOL!