Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date Night Disaster

Last night was date night, but our son tagged along this week. He has a standing Friday night date with his Mimi, but she was sick this week. We still aren't sure if she's making herself sick from nerves, or has caught a bug so we're staying away! The plan (prior to finding out Mimi was sick) was steak and salad at home followed by a night out. I didn't leave work until 5:30, but Mr. D was off and in charge of dinner for the night.. or so I thought. I'd already taken my first Xanax at work earlier in the day, so after several phone calls regarding what was for dinner, I lost my temper and just hung up.

Just a little background first.. I do all of our meal planning, grocery shopping, and the majority of the cooking. He's responsible for 2 meals a week on his days off, and I do the rest though he does help with clean-up on the days we both work. I'm also working around some extremely picky eaters- Mr. D will not eat any kind of means, or any cooked veggies. Chris does eat a lot of cooked veggies, but won't eat the ones Mr. D will most of the time. Chris is also supposed to be on a high calorie diet for now, while I'm on a low calorie diet. Meal planning, my friends, is a nightmare. I love trying new recipes (and got several new books for Christmas), but am very limited between the 2 of them. I've taken to making the things I love that they won't eat (mmm, taco soup) and freezing some of it or sharing it with BFF at work so I don't end up tossing a lot out.

So, last night I was really looking forward to just coming home from work and having everything taken care of for once- I didn't care what he cooked, whether we went out, whatever. You know, like with the "easy" button? Well, it obviously didn't work out that way. He did decide that we were going out, but where was a huge deal I guess. At one point I changed into pj pants (did I mention that my TOM hit hard yesterday too? Like critical levels?) and just said screw it. After about an hour of arguing, we eventually headed out. I had pasta, and dessert. I ended the day at 1875 calories- well over my 1200. I still got in all my fluids and 8 fruits/veggies, but the meal was very high sodium. By the time we got to dinner, I wasn't anxious anymore, but the munchies I've been fighting all week did get the best of me. I also noticed that once I've taken the Xanax, I just don't care about what I'm eating. I don't care about too much, honestly. Considering the little concern I had about the whole thing, it could have been so much worse. I hadn't noticed this before (I'd only taken it once before and it was right before bed), so it's something I'm really going to need to monitor better. As far as helping with the anxiety/depression though, I'm liking the medicine so far.

Calories for the week
Sunday: 1269
Monday: 1185
Tuesday: 1172
Wednesday: 1106
Thursday: 1100
Friday: 1875

Strength: 3 days
Cardio: 4 days (after I finish today's workout)

After even more bickering with the husband this morning, I didn't make it to the gym before he left for work so I'm heading to my mom's and will use her treadmill to get in today's cardio. I need to stop by there anyway, so may as well take advantage of their home gym. Normally I wouldn't have time to head over there for this on a Saturday since it's usually cleaning and errands day, but after this morning, I'm saving it for tomorrow so Mr. D can be included.


  1. Sorry your date night was a bust. I take my granddaughter overnight (usually every second weekend) so her parents can have a relaxing evening and sleep in the next day. Your calories look pretty good overall this week so a little blip on the radar won't screw things up. Get right back on it today. That freakin' TOM is terrible, isn't it? I'm so glad that I don't have to go through that any more, but I definitely know what you're going through. I used to have a really rough time with picky eaters when the kids were at home. Now I only have my hubby to deal with and he's a bit picky too. It is frustrating. Sometimes I just make what I want and he makes what he wants...ahhh, to not be picky is a blessing.

  2. So sorry about your evening! Meal planning and all that goes with it is TOUGH! I SO know what you mean! I will often make different meals to keep everyone happy. Not fun!

    Don't beat yourself up about the calories. It happened, move on and don't let it happen again. :-) Stay postitive!

  3. Thanks y'all, I'm not too worried about the calories this time- I'm actually relieved that was all the damage I did considering how I was feeling. Today has been perfectly on track so far though :)

  4. Well that bites. I hope tomorrow is a better day. Overall your week's calories looks great. Keep at it, you're doing the right things.

  5. I'm SO sorry about your evening. *Big Hugs* I hope today has been a better day for you. Just keep on keeping on and move forward. I know TOM is a pain in the ass (had mine last week), but this too shall pass. :) Hang in there, my friend.

  6. Take the total days and make an average. It still comes out to a respectable "losing" level, right? :)

    The only thing that might trip you up for the weigh-in is the sodium.

    Well, you know, emotions/medications, they sure can trip us up. Here's to a better NEXT date night. :)

  7. Just found your blog while blog hopping tonight. Your progress pics are amazing, what a transformation in just one month!

    Sorry you and hubby didn't see eye to eye, but glad you calmed down at dinner and enjoyed some pasta!

    Great week I'd say. Have a great Sunday and the rest of next week too!

    I'm now a new follower!


  8. Sometimes you just need a day....or a meal. It's great you were able to get yourself right back on track.

    I will do the same thing with my Hubs and make him go grocery shopping and all the things he hates to do ;)

  9. Oh I do wish the easy button really existed. Like you there are days I just would love it if I came home and dinner was a done thing and plans were made to go out and I just had to go with the flow.

  10. I am so sorry about the meal planning. I find it hard to figure out what I need to eat, let alone other picky eaters. That would be frustrating!!

    Sorry about the date night. Such a bummer! Hopefully the next one will be awesome!

    Keep focused!