Saturday, January 29, 2011

Excuse me while I get a little mushy.

I apologize for worrying anyone with that last post. I accidentally posted just the title, went back and wrote everything out, and then cancelled it because I'm trying to avoid any "Debbie Downer" posts right now. Apparently, the title stayed. I didn't realize that until opening my email this morning and seeing all the comments.. I got all snot-faced because you guys are just amazing. Thank you for that kick in the pants- I needed it!

You all know I'm on anti-moody medicine as needed and trying to avoid going back on daily stuff.. This week was one of those weeks where I kind of missed having something daily. Nothing bad happened, I just felt off all week long, starting with my brother's visit. Then snow, then car shopping (which is awesome, but unexpected), then a night out on a school night. Like I said, nothing bad happened, but it was all off my routine. My son and I are similar in that we both need a routine, and we get cranky/frustrated if we're off it for too long. Oh, the joys of ADD. Since we haven't really had a normal evening since sometime last week, I was just plain moody by Friday morning. My gym bag has been packed since Tuesday morning, but hadn't made it to the gym because of all the unexpected changes. That is probably what had me more frustrated than anything else, combined with seeing no change on the scale for our office BL contest. There wasn't any binging, but I did make a few bad choices Friday (nothing bad enough that the scale should even notice since my eating was perfect the rest of the week). I had a cookie Friday at lunch and a few bites of ice cream that night before getting mad at myself and shoving the rest in the fridge for Chris or husband if they wanted it, then starting the post I never finished.

It could have been so much worse, but I was just so frustrated with the good week, bad week pattern I seem to be stuck in lately. I feel like I'm in a rut, but getting frustrated and eating a cookie "because not eating the cookie isn't helping anyway" won't do anything but keep me stuck or worse. Consistency is what I'm missing the last few weeks. I even commented somewhere earlier this week (can't remember where at the moment) that almost any plan will work, but they all require consistency. Gotta get my groove back, now.

Sorry this is kind of short, fighting off a migraine that started Friday night. I'll be catching up on blogs as soon as I kick it. Just wanted to tell you all thank you, I couldn't ask for a better support system :)


  1. You calling me a downer! :-)

    I've been doing stupid crap too. Ugh! This shouldn't be so hard! Keep going and keep making good choices!

  2. I'm glad you found support in our comments. I can empathize with your frustration. Do you write down everything you eat and weigh and measure your food? I really believe that helps; especially if you're in a slump.

    Consistency and putting in your time...every dieter's nightmare, but it works.

  3. Consistency is key, you are right.

    We all have bad days/weeks, it's about getting past them and keeping going. You have been doing amazingly, don't let any of this derail you!

  4. Hope you're feeling better. Its hard when schedules are off.
    hang in there!!!

  5. I am so with you on the routines. My routines have been off alot because of all the snow and canceled school days and not being able to get to work. I'm frustrated and its hard to deal with it. I hope you are feeling much better!!!

  6. Never Debbi! You hit the nail on the head yesterday, I just need to knock it off and get with it this week- fake it til I make it ;) And I bet you WOULD come after me if I kept being stupid- that's why I love ya!

    Darla- I weigh and track everything, even the bad days because I like to be able to see where I went wrong.

    This week IS going to be better, I may even post everything I eat just for some added accountability until I get my act together! Thank you guys, big HUGS!

  7. I'm so sorry I've been absent a lot this week, and missed your post. :( I hope you start feeling better soon. I hate when my "routine" gets messed up too. That can definitely throw things out of whack. Sending a ton of hugs and prayers your way.

  8. Mushy is just fine...
    Yep, could have been worse. But it wasn't, why? Only you know, but I am guessing it is because you had something to do with it. Even when we are in spats of frustration and uncertainty, we can surprise ourselves. I know I've been surprised at myself in not falling completely off the wagon when I've hit a rough week or two. Lord knows I used to. But not anymore, I've become capable of enduring difficulty and moving forward despite of it. Something tells me you are just as capable too.

    Have a Great week!

  9. Me too - that consistency thing. Lacking it, I mean. I did great all week then the weekend hit and .. bam. Sigh. Okay, let's do it:)

  10. I've been something of a slacker myself when it comes to consistency, but I'm working on it. You can do it, get your groove back!