Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Morning 2011!

Home from another morning workout at the gym.. Not sure I'll be able to do this during the week, but I'm really digging this. Both yesterday and today, I went before coffee, breakfast, everything (other than a quick post). I loved having it out of the way instead of worrying about whether I would have time to fit it in later in the evening. I'll be making breakfast in a few since my stomach can be heard from across the room apparently. Omelets with ham, green pepper, and spinach are on the menu, for me at least.

I mentioned earlier this week that I was reading Jackie's book, and that the exercise routines looked a bit scary. Well, I sorta started her 14 day thing that you're supposed to do along with the 14 days of detox foods. It's all cardio, strength doesn't get added until after the 14 days in the book. She gives you several options depending on what your favorite piece of equipment is (mine being the elliptical because of my knee). For the elliptical, this is how it's broken down:

2 minute: Ramp 1-5, Speed 170 strides per min. (mine doesn't show strides, but I averaged 6mph)
2 minute: Ramp MAXED, no set speed. (3.3 was hard!)
1 minute: Ramp 1-5, speed comfortable (4mph for me)
Repeat 3x

I also threw a quick warm-up and cool down in there. It was barely 30 minutes each session, but I was dripping with sweat both times. There's something to this intervals stuff! My body definitely felt a difference, we'll see if the scale reflects it later.

Now, on to the bad news. I don't know what's going on with my weight this week. Up 2, down 2, up 1 now. It's not TOM, I've been somewhat regular this week (I've tried not to rely on fiber bars this week), and I don't think it's sodium. Last night could have been a disaster. But I ate very light (one small meal around 1 pm since we woke up late) and I think I did great at dinner. It was mostly party foods, but I had a lot of carrots along with smaller portions of the junk. I went over my 1200 for the day, but was still under the 1540 (goal x 11). I did not consume enough to show a gain, not even if I miscalculated. I had almost 96 oz in just water (which is, admittedly, low for me since I average 150) but I had a few cups of coffee as well. Getting back into my exercise routine seems to be having the opposite effect this week. I have the rest of today left before weigh-in tomorrow, so I'll make the best of it. Omelet for breakfast, salad with chicken and veggies for lunch, and greek style scampi with more salad for dinner. I've got fruit here for snacks if needed. Lots of cleaning on the menu, along with some time on the kinect if Chris is feeling better. Poor baby woke up feeling sick this morning, so he's resting on the couch with his cartoons for now.

Whatever happens on the scale tomorrow, I'm okay with it. I was on plan all week, one day over 1200, and have started adding my exercise back in. If the scale doesn't reflect what I've done, so be it. No getting upset, no feelings of guilt or failure, no obsessing. I'll record it, and move on, and pray that I'm not hitting the "P word." If that's indeed what's happening, I bet Phase 4 will shake it up enough to get past it!

It's officially been 2011 for over 10 hours now.. Let's plan to do all that is necessary to NOT be making the same promises and resolutions a year from now!


  1. Do not let the daily fluctuations of the scale make you crazy. If it is doing that to you then maybe you should take a break for a day or two?

    I do notice that when I am heavily exercising for days at a time that the scale can tick upward. Then if I take a day or two off it goes back down again and I show even more of a loss. Crazy right? Our bodies are freak shows. Don't try to figure it out. Just do your day to do and you will lose weight.

    How is Mr. D this morning? Is he still breathing? ;)

  2. I've wondered if it has something to do with the exercise, given that some of it is sculpting. It is beyond crazy, but I'm not letting it drive ME crazy anymore, LOL!

    Mr. D is still breathing, barely.. :D He still doesn't really want to hit the gym with me, but it's really not necessary after the last week!

  3. I'm glad to hear you've got Mr. D in gear - Happy New Year! :D

    Intervals are the best! Short and sweet. They really do wonders for the cardio - and keep me from getting bored

  4. I love intervals. They really work.

    As far as the scale goes, just know that you are doing a great job and we definitely can't dictate how the scale will move around even though we work hard. I try hard not to weigh myself daily but the few days before weigh in I can't resist.

    Good luck on your weigh in tomorrow.

  5. I agree with Kimberly. Please don't let the daily fluctuations on the scale get the best of your mood because they can change so drastically every day. I hope you have a great weigh-in tomorrow! Happy New Year! *Hugs*

  6. Happy new year! Best wishes in 2011!

  7. The scale can be so frustrating....but remember it does not tell the whole story!! Just keep focused...the numbers will drop!!

  8. That pound did come off the morning, so I maintained for the week at least! I'm not upset at all this time!! Thanks gals! :D