Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mini-vent, no weigh-in, and BL office recap.

First, a mini-vent session. This has been on my mind all week since the visit with Dr. H. Maybe I'm a little sensitive to it given that I'm already prone to depression and anxiety, but it makes my heart ache whenever I read something negative about another blogger. Yes, everyone is entitled to freedom of speech but I'm sure there are many more productive ways to use that freedom aside from running each other into the ground. Here's a novel idea.. next time you read something that upsets you- go for a walk, grab the weights, pop in a workout DVD. That's MUCH more productive and will make you feel a whole lot better than ranting about what someone you've never met said on the internet. And, end vent.

Today is normally weigh-in day. However, in my rush to get home and prepare for company, I left my scale at work. I've got a reminder in my agenda to bring it home Monday, and I'll weigh Tuesday morning and post that number just to know where I stand. I can honestly say I'm not worried about it right now. I completely forgot to recap our first BL office challenge, fighting off the plague and all. We had 2 people out sick, but with those that weighed, I'm in third place right now with 3 lbs lost between Monday and Friday. One woman lost almost 6 lbs! We did have one that gained, but she's only 10 lbs away from a healthy BMI. She ate great all week, but she doesn't want to track her food.. so I don't know what happened there. I don't want to use this weigh-in for my own tracking purposes because I weigh naked at home, and obviously that's not the case at work! It was 1 lb (WITH clothes on and water in me) down from my weight on Sunday, which means I owe Dr. H a big hug and thank you because this means I'm probably past this plateau- it was my lowest weight so far (205). I know there's a lot of controversy in the weight-loss world regarding "treat meals" or increasing your calories every now and again to shake things up- but Dr. H suggested it, I tried it, and it seems to have worked for me. Jackie Warner even encourages it in her book, though she suggests 2 treat meals weekly after eating completely clean Monday-Friday. I'm open to increasing my calories once a week or once every other week if needed. Her advice was not a green light to eat whatever I want one day a week, I have to be smart about it.

Plague update: I can breathe a little today, thanks to Vick's being smeared under my nose, in my nose, on my chest, etc all night. Chris has a lot of junk in his chest (I can not get this kid to put some REAL effort into blowing his nose!) but his head is less gunky. We both slept better, thanks Vick's plug-ins, and are staying in our PJ's all day long. I'm crossing my fingers that Memphis does actually get hit with snow tonight and we get an extra day home. Also, did manage 25 minutes of Zumba last night before I had to stop. Today is strength, and that should be a little easier breathing-wise. We have our Zumba class Tuesday, unless snow is still hanging around then, so I have to get over this quick!


  1. You took the words right out of my mouth on your mini-rant. Freedom of Speech is one thing, but to purposefully tear others down - what good does that do? Everybody has their own path to follow. We can offer suggestions, tips, ideas, but sorry if you expect to be kicked in the face and criticized - won't be me. Unfortunately I am a target and I know what it feels like to be talked about and especially lied about (but I've gotten over it - lol).

    So, Dr. knows best. That's a great weight loss. And I'm with you, it doesn't mean you have to go crazy and pig-out. In fact, a treat meal can mean extra fruit and protein. You can increase your calories without eating a lot of garbage.

    Thank goodness for Vicks. It's been around for years, but still works. I like Dayquil and especially Nyquil if I'm not able to sleep. I hear from my daughter that they are forecasting over 50 cm of snow for us this week. No way will I be setting foot out the door if that happens. Luckily, I have several home made and store bought frozen low calorie meals here. I really like reading your posts, Mrs. D. WTG on your 3 lb loss.

  2. I've read posts where you, and another blogger I dearly love reading, have been discussed. Thankfully, we're all adults with fully functioning brains (I hope!) and capable of making our own decisions. I for one enjoy your blog and communicating with you- you've been nothing but kind and encouraging, and that's all I've ever seen from you on mine or anyone else's blog.

    Nyquil gives me a foggy feeling the next day, so I stick to Dayquil even at night. I'm such a light weight when it comes to medicine! We went to the store Friday since we Southerners tend to get a little snow-crazy! I hope you stay in and stay warm!! I'm a klutz without the snow, so I'll probably be doing the same! Kudos to you for being prepared for the gross weather!

  3. I don't get some people. If you read something you don't like....stop reading it, defriend them, move on. By starting a post and saying rude/mean things is just starting drama. And usually those people who start drama or talk about others harshly are the first to be removed from my blog roll. End rant.

    Awesome awesome awesome about 3 pounds down for the BL at work. Glad you changed things up and got past that plateau.

    Get better and keep rubbing that magical Vicks all over your body. Bathe in it if you have to. :)

  4. Good job on the weight loss here; hope you feel better and put the nose blowing behind you soon.

    Drama seems to find us no matter where we go to get better; blogs are no exception. Human beings are an odd lot.

  5. Great job on the weight loss! You are doing amazing!

    I ignore other peoples crap.....if they don't like it don't read it. We are all struggling with insecurities and it doesn't help when someone tears you down.

  6. FM- I practically did bathe in it, LOL! It helped though, more than the cold medicine honestly. I've got that Halls commercial stuck in my head: "Breathe my pasty friend!"

    I'm glad there are a lot more bloggers out there that just avoid it too!!