Monday, January 31, 2011

Pace or Push?

I managed to pull my head out of my ass Sunday after being BACK at 206.2 for the weigh-in. I won't go into how sick I am of that number, because apparently I haven't been sick of it enough to push harder to get past it. Sunday was focused, and Monday morning showed a pound gone. Now it's time to keep that number from ever popping back up again.

At the end of my awesome Sunday, Mr. D decided to bake chocolate chip cookies. He also decided he loved me so much that he wanted to make me some as well. I love him so much I let him live. Sweets, especially the warm kind, are a weakness for me especially after having sugar earlier this week. One cupcake or cookie is apparently enough to undo most of my hard-won nonchalance around treats. So instead of risking ending my awesome day with a cookie, I went to bed before 10pm. Unheard of for me unless I'm sick, but the cookies smelled amazing and I was desperate. They won't bother me nearly as much after a few weeks of abstinence!

Exercise today was walking/running intervals, and I felt so good afterwards! I definitely thought I was going to burst a lung at first because I'm having sinus issues lately and can't breathe well through my nose, but it didn't really hold me back. I cut about 45 seconds off my last timed mile (about 2 weeks ago), and I'm happy with that. Still not sure I'll ever be a runner, but I do love how I feel afterwards. During is a whole different story though.. maybe one day the treadmill will forgive me for all the ugly names I've called it.

While I'm on the topic of exercise, I wanted opinions.. When you exercise, do you generally pace yourself and work on endurance, or push yourself and aim for more intense workouts? I read something earlier today about how if you "work out too hard, you will lose weight slower," and it really bothered me (mostly because it's bull). I absolutely don't think you should push yourself so hard you risk injury, but I also believe you have to push yourself outside your comfort zone in order to see real change. Mostly, I just want to know my workout wasn't a waste of time! So do you pace or push? It would be interesting to see if we take the same attitude towards our weight loss goals as we do our exercise routines. Personally, I want to get there tomorrow.

Monday's Total- 1132 calories
Breakfast: Light ww English muffin, peanut butter, small banana, and coffee with fat free half and half (305 cal)
Snack: Yoplait light yogurt (110 cal)
Lunch: 4 oz grilled b/s chicken, mixed grilled veggies, salad, raspberry salad spritzer (205 cal)
Snack: Half an apple with 1 tsp peanut butter (72 cal)
Dinner: Twice baked mexi-tato with salsa, fat free sour cream, and fat free cheddar with salad and Italian salad spritzer (440 cal) My first meatless Monday ;)
Water: 128 oz
Exercise: 2 miles running/walking intervals


  1. BOTH are important! Ok - just my opinion - from what I have learned the two main types are aerobic and anaerobic workouts...the aerobic are usually longer in time but much more moderate intensity (just about 50-60% of your max HR) these burn the most stored bodyfat. Anaerobic you push much harder at a much higher intensity (up to 80%) of your max HR and those burn more calories but they also burn more glycogen and less body fat. I am no expert but that is my might google max HR if you don't know yours. When I spin I am over 80% of the max HR on the charts so I go more my Perceived Exhaustion (how out of breath you are) to find my highest level of HR. I hope it makes sense and that I didn't say anything wrong. Bottom line - Mix it up! And really - just moving is good - I believe no workout is a waste of time...EVER! The more I sweat the better I feel :-) As an example in a week I will do 4-5 high intensity 45-60 minute workouts and 1 lower intensity longer one (usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours) brisk walk on the treadmill watching a good movie or my friend and I take long 'therapy' walks where we talk about everything going on and the time flies by. One last suggestion - the best workout is one that you will do! If high intensity is too overwhelming to the point you don't want to do it and start making excuses, then just take a moderate walk. Some days I just don't have a run in me, so I walk and don't worry about my pace or time.

  2. I agree with Teresa pretty much 100%! I personally am a huge fan of high intensity because I feel like I get better results with a shorter workout, but both are important.

  3. I also agree with Teresa, push and pace - intervals are great. At my weight, I'm just happy to get through a work-out. Way to resist the cookie and for letting Mr. D. live. Mr. D. you better watch yourself, this girl is serious.

  4. I do both because I think it gets me the best results for toning and fat burning. I do 80-90% of my max HR for an hour on my elliptical, which is pretty long but I'm used to it now. Then I am at about 50-60% for my P90x lifting afterward, which is about 45 minutes. However, I have always pushed my workouts starting when I was an athlete, and since I am otherwise healthy now (other than the fat), I push when I can, and when my body resists, I go longer and less intense. When I hurt, I take it easier because at that time I am more prone to get injured. I think most people don't know how much their bodies can really do-it is often in alot better shape than the attached mind-so people let their heads rule and limit their workouts. How do you feel after workouts? And do you feel that you are getting the results you want?

    Polar's Mom

  5. I've always heard intervals gets you the most bang for your buck.
    listen to what your body is telling you and go for it.
    glad you love mr D and let him live lol

  6. I do both, I try and pace myself but also push myself to do better - walk further or faster....

  7. I'll usually try to pace myself, and then push occasionally throughout the workout. I wouldn't call it "Intervals," because I mostly go by how I'm feeling while I'm doing it.

    And way to go for successfully avoiding the ultimate temptation of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! I started drooling just reading your post! ;D

  8. I usually do pace for a certain amount of time, then I start doing intervals. I like to push myself and my weight loss has been nice and steady.

  9. I mix it up as much as I can - slow pace one day, intervals the next, high intensity the next...basically, I just don't want my body to get used to anything...gotta keep it guessing!

  10. If I pace myself I usually justify doing something half ass. So, I try to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I've also heard that if you work out too hard that you don't lose weight. Something to do with heart rate.

  11. Yes, work on endurance AND push yourself. It does not need to be the same each time. Pushing yourself will get a great sweat going and is great for helping nudge the scale down faster. Endurance is great for pure health reasons. Let your mood of the day determine which you do and mix it up.

  12. Thanks for all the input guys! I usually prefer intervals because I too like "more bang for my buck," but having a bitchy knee means a longer workout vs a harder workout is best. I love all the advice, and will definitely be playing with it this week to see what's going to work best. Thanks!!