Sunday, January 2, 2011

Phase 4, BL at work, BFF, and MUSHROOMS?!

Alrighty then.. so, some of us freaked out a little unnecessarily over Phase 4 I suppose. Okay, fine, it was me. It doesn't look like the food is changing, aside from 1200 calories being the MAX, no longer an option. It's doable but does require planning ahead. The water has been easy, 1200 calories has been easy for the most part, and the exercise- at least this week- will be easy.

Monday: Day 4 elliptical intervals + 10 minute walk (per packet)
Tuesday: Day 5 elliptical intervals + sculpting (per packet) + 200 sit-ups program (Week 3)
Wednesday: Day 6 elliptical intervals + 10 minute walk
Thursday: Day 7 elliptical intervals + sculpting + sit-ups program
Friday: Day 8 elliptical intervals
Saturday: Day 9 elliptical intervals + 10 minute walk
Sunday: Day 10 elliptical intervals + sculpting + sit-ups program

Er, well, the walking will be easy! Now, this is just the PLAN for the week. I've never actually written out my plans prior to now, but I'll be making a habit out of it. Everything is in my agenda, reps and all. The elliptical intervals are the only area I may possibly go off plan should things come up during the week. It happens, especially for us moms (Chris has still been running a fever today and will be home from school tomorrow). Aside from something legit getting in the way, and no, I'm tired and don't wanna is NOT legit, I'll do all that I can to stick to the schedule.

On top of all the new exercise starting this week, so is my office Biggest Loser Challenge! I'll be taking my scale in tomorrow for everyone to weigh-in. We're having a $10 registration fee and a $1 penalty fee for each pound gained during the challenge. We'll weigh-in each Friday morning, March 25th will be the final one. I'm excited, and really hopeful that everyone's going to stick with it since almost the entire office is doing it together. Ironically, I got a message from another friend (boss lady) I work with asking for the link to my blog while writing this. She, BFF (also coworker), and Mr. D are the only folks I know in real life that have that. I've thought about sharing it more, but not sure I'm ready yet. I don't want to start unconsciously editing my writing, you know?

On another note, my BFF blogged for the first time since September- twice! She's engaged, and in the midst of wedding planning now that she has some time finally. She may kill me tomorrow, but I'm doing it anyway ;) A direct quote from the most recent post: "So next I was worried about my diet. *IF* I lose 2 pounds a week, I'll be at goal for my wedding. No pressure there right?" I've mentioned this before- she's the one that helped me get my head in the game before my wedding. She was my diet-buddy. And then, with all she's gone through lately, she fell off the wagon and is getting back on now. If you have a minute, please stop by and offer her a little encouragement?? I'm going to kick her butt for that IF part!

And I tried mushrooms in my omelet today.. I'm not a fan of mushrooms. My mom used to dice them up into microscopic pieces for her spaghetti sauce so I wouldn't know they were there. I bought some canned mushrooms weeks ago with the intention of doing that, but I keep putting it off, because ew? Well, I want to eat cleaner this year (yes, I know they were canned- thank you captain obvious). That's going to require trying more fruits and veggies- like mushrooms. I'm starting off slow, with canned mushrooms diced up into smaller than microscopic pieces in my omelets, along with the green pepper, spinach, ham, and ff cream cheese. I couldn't even tell they were there. Take that, mushrooms.


  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog - great to see yours, I feel like we're living in parallel exercise worlds so I'd love to see more posts about your elliptical workouts. I have an elliptical in my basement that I've started putting to regular use and I've also done 3 interval workouts on it this week. Good luck with your office BL! I'd love to do something like that except I would be mortified to weigh in with my coworkers.

  2. My husband is a huge mushroom lover, but I've never cared for them much. Good for you wanting to eat cleaner. That's something I'm tackling too. :)

  3. I'm a bona fide mushroom freak. I'd eat them at EVERY meal. I love them with eggs, in soups, in pasta, as a side dish to any meat, on pizza, in fajita veggies, in quesadillas, with tofu, in sandwiches. But I like them cooked. Ever since there was some warning about eating raw mushrooms, I just do them cooked, even if lightly cooked.

    I was bummed that I was out today, so I had Spinach alone with my eggs. Okay, I wasn't strictly OUT, I had one jar of Green giant left and some dehydrated Shiitake, but I wanted fresh.

  4. Yep, the one and only excuse is our kids, for sure. Fun thing having the Biggest Loser Challenge at work. I don't think I could convince anyone at my work to do that - but you never know. I'll check by your friend's blog for a word of encouragement...and sending you encouragement across the wires to you too.

  5. BLAH! Mushrooms are nasty! I don't care how you cook them, mask them, eat them. I think I just threw up alittle in my mouth. :)

    That's awesome that your office is doing a Biggest Loser competition at work. I laughed out loud at the $1 penalty. How long is the competition for?

  6. Size16- I left you a comment about the exercise on yours! Some of the others were less than thrilled about weighing in front of others, so I'll be the only one seeing the actual numbers unless they choose to share. I'll update using percentages only.

    Stephanie- my husband is WAY pickier than me! He won't touch any kind of beans, any cooked veggies, most fruits, or anything with a "weird" texture or consistency. Cooking for him is an adventure!

    Princess- I knew you weren't right ;) I think I got the idea of adding spinach to my omelets from you actually!

    Darla- thank you so much!! She's had a lot of hits the second half of 2010, but I KNOW she can do it because she inspired me too. I think she forgot just how awesome can do! :)

    FM- I'm so with you!! I'm determined to train myself to like them though, LOL! I did it with onions, tomatoes, and cooked spinach. Why not mushrooms too? The BL competition is for 12 weeks.. Since my last office quit a few weeks in, I thought the penalty was a good way to keep folks from just throwing in the towel too easily. Obviously they have the option of dropping out, but they're done once they do. I honestly have no real hopes of winning, this is mostly to encourage them so they see for themselves that they CAN do this.

  7. Thanks! Saw your comment over there as well - you can get me at if you ever feel like commiserating with me :-)

    And I also must commend you on your progress with mushrooms...I'm not sure there will ever be a place for mushrooms in my diet.

  8. I hate mushrooms! I am not brave enough to try them again!

  9. I'm allergic to mushrooms.... And wedding planning. BTW-We're pushing the date back so I have more time to lose... I'd rather go to the court house tomorrow than plan a wedding.... I'm proud of you for scheduling your workouts. You got this mama. XOXO

  10. Hi, new follower ;) I want to say I love in your about me "I want to be like twitter, 140 characters or less" That is AWESOME!
    GOod luck on your journey!

  11. BWB- Nice to see you after the holidays!!

    Leigh- Told you, if I could do it all over- that's exactly what I'd do. Small, personal, no drama!

    SCMS- Hey! Thanks for stopping by! The twitter thing is actually something I borrowed from my BFF, Leigh (commenter right above you). We're about the same height/weight so we're aiming for similar healthy weights.

  12. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog:-) I love mushrooms--they're easy. If you really want to get into veggies--try roasting them with a little olive oil and salt/pepper--especially good for broccoli, asparagus, eggplant, cauliflower...they get all brown and crispy!

  13. What an inspiring post Mrs D. It really sounds like you are at the top of your game and the only thing between you and goal weight is time, because no other obstacles will be able to knock you off the path. Fantastic, and i'm glad I read this today as i need to kick my own ass right now. The 1200 calories part of Allan's new challenge was just going to be too low for me which is the main reason I didn't take part this time.

    Mushrooms....I would say you are probably starting with the most yucky type of mushrooms (canned) so things can only improve there. Personally, I love mushies - stuffed portobello shrooms are always a fave.

    Keep up the great work mate as I need someone to inspire me and keep pushing me forwards. Best of luck in the workplace competition.

  14. Yuk to mushrooms here, just means more for you :-)