Monday, January 24, 2011


Sent my weigh-in to Allan yesterday- 205.4 (205 since he rounds). Finally moving away from 206 in the right direction! Only a .8 loss for the week, but I'll take it.

Dinner for the entire week is planned and on the kitchen white board as usual, but I've gotten a bit lazy about planning breakfast and lunch ahead of time lately. Since the foods in Phase 4 are mostly very fresh, that's not going to work. Waiting until morning to pack a lunch for work usually leads to grabbing a lean cuisine too often. Last week I had soups I'd made ahead, so that kept me from reaching for the pre-packaged meals, and I take fruit for snacks now so none of that was pre-packaged either. This week, my goal is to have lunch packed the night before, and any prep work for breakfast done that I can do the night before too. Mornings are just a rush for us, and if I plan to be successful, planning ahead is necessary. I bought no new lean cuisines this weekend- I don't even want them in the freezer to fall back on. Planning all the meals the night before means I can also pre-track my calories, and I like that!

We have my youngest brother staying with us a few days this week, and it's been a little eye-opening. I've always known I'm a type A person.. But wow! Having someone else, even someone I grew up with, in my space that doesn't know how we roll here is making me twitchy. "Hi, my name is Cheryl, and I am SUCH a control freak!" Doesn't help that Mr. D is slacking on his to-do list, which I happen to be at the top of, because we have a guest on the couch.

I guess that means I have more time to plan tomorrow, right?!

This blows.

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  1. I can't pre-plan much (some, in general) cause I try to eat with some sort of "What do I really, really feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel like that fits my plan?" in mind. I may think I want chicken tomorrow, but then I find, no, I want vegetarian (tofu or lowfat cheese=ish stuff). Or a particular texture or spicing, like....Persian or Lebanese or Cuban.

    So, I buy the basic plan stuff, but then wait to see what my mouth wants and then spice or cook accordingly.

    It's not as convenient, but for me to feel satisfied, I go that route. Plus, I am not organized, snarf. :D

    I think within one's own domain, we women tend to be control freaks. Our house, our rules, our habits...our control. I'm an anal expulsive (not retentive) about a whole host of things, and I can put up with a lot in different situations, but what goes on in MY HOUSE>>>>>>oh, yeah, control freak.

  2. Yea on planning, it helps doesn't it! We DO keep a few lean cuisines (flatbreads are my favorite) to fall back on but I haven't had one in a long time. I bought some at the beginning of the year when they went on sale. If I don't plan, I get in big trouble as far as calories. I am pretty much a control freak too and even though I don't THINK I am, I've been told that I am, big time. Oh well, what to do! :-) Nice on the weight loss, lets hope for some big numbers next week!

  3. It's great that you are planning ahead!

    Too bad about having your brother around!

  4. I agree with planning ahead if you can!! Good luck

  5. I don't know what Allan's challenge says about food, but I came across an awesome recipe for breakfast. It's called Spring Chicken Cups.
    • Three whole eggs + 1 cup of egg whites (four eggs) + 1/3 cup milk + 2 tsp mustard
    • Onions, leeks, garlic, and spinach sauteed in a tablespoon of butter
    • Two tablespoons chopped chives and parsley
    • Salt and pepper
    • 1/2 cup goat cheese

    I've revamped my to fit weight watchers, but they were excellent! I find that if I make my lunch/breakfast the night before that I stay on plan more often.

  6. Hi Mrs. Cheryl D! I think that's the first time I have heard your first name. You know what, I think that people who are anxious are usually control freaks to some extent (self-preservation). Once I got my anxiety under control (and as I aged) my desire to control has subsided (unless it's my hubby, of course - lol). Glad your weight is showing a downward trend and you sound like you are planning for success. I'm looking forward to seeing great success coming your way.

  7. Excellent idea using a white board for dinner planning. Congrats on the loss! You mood sounds positive, thus you are pointed in the right direction for the new week.

  8. Princess- I know exactly what you mean! I try to have at least 1-2 meals that don't really require any prep work on hand for days I don't want what I planned- like a chef salad or mexi-tato's this week. Sometimes the menu and the taste buds just aren't in agreement!

    Debbi- I kept a few, and I'll probably continue to do that for those days when things come up.. always healthier than a drive-thru! My favorites are the steamer bags :)

    FM- That sounds good, and you know how I love my eggs!! I've actually got some turkey, peppers, onions, and garlic sauteed for an omelet in the morning. Never thought about throwing mustard in, I usually use a little fat free cream cheese or some red pepper. Mmmmm omelets!

    Darla- Oh no, I've broken my blogger anonymity! ;) I think you're right about the anxiety-control correlation big time. My son and I have to stick to a routine during the week between his ADHD and my ADD or we're useless! The days when something comes up and we have to deviate, I get cranky a lot more easily. I love my brother, but his "visit" (my parents booted him out for the weekend and weren't sure he was allowed back) has left me a little frustrated since it's messing with our routine. Oh well, one more day left!

    Patrick- Thanks!! I'm trying not to be a "I think it's piss" person! ;) Tomorrow's agenda has an hour of Zumba and some time at the gym- woohoo, bring on the sweat!!