Thursday, January 6, 2011

A visit with Dr. H and other stuff.

Been a few days, here goes.

Monday was the appointment with Dr. H I've been dreading. Unfortunately, Google is all too accessible. It makes me think I know things... like, when to stop taking prescribed medications. We tried a few, the side effects were too much, so I quit. I thought I was handling it just fine on my own, but she disagreed. First, she made me think we were good. She was happy with the weight loss (given all the holidays) and thrilled when she saw I was no longer pre-hypertensive. I went from 138/91 to 112/70- who knew diet and exercise could perform such miracles, eh? ;)

Then she started in on the anxiety/depression questions. Except she disguises them- you don't realize she's digging because she's asking normal stuff like, "How the diet's going... Really? You think you've hit a plateau?" She throws in several suggestions here, and some will absolutely not work with Phase 4. I tell her about Phase 4. She's cool with the water, she's not cool with 1200 calories day in and day out especially given the possible plateau. She suggests change, with calories and exercise routines. That's when I have my mini-breakdown right in the exam room. I say focused, she say's borderline obsessed. She lets me off without going back on a daily medicine- for now- but she insists on an as-needed medicine. If I have to refill it too soon, and she'll know because she's Dr. H, back to daily medicine it is.

So. I took the last few days to bounce some ideas off my BFF and another blogger-buddy, and reevaluate my goals. I really feel like I need the added accountability of another person, but I need it from someone with similar end goals. As Dr. H pointed out, I'm getting way too focused on a number. BFF completely agreed when I told her about the appointment (which, admittedly, I hadn't planned on telling anyone- but she brought up the subject and it just all poured out).

Now where does all of this leave me? Well, I dropped out of Phase 4 for starters. I think Allan's challenges have been wonderful and very eye-opening, and I wish all of the challengers success over the next few months. However, I no longer think it's the place for me although I did enjoy the accountability. I have my BFF for a lot of the dieting stuff (she lost almost 5lbs this week!!), and I've sought out an accountability partner with similar health and fitness goals to mine. While a smaller number on the scale is still a wonderful thing, we're both striving for overall improved health and physical fitness so it will be awesome having someone to push me, and vice versa.

I don't have a specific plan yet, though I'll be keeping the water amounts and the calories (although I'll be giving myself a little more flexibility than the 1200 day in and day out- one of Dr. H's suggestions to get past the plateau). Cardio will be 5 days a week, strength 3 days a week. I already follow what weight watchers calls the "good health guidelines" for the most part, but I'll be tweaking it some. One thing I'm looking at right now is using Spark People for tracking purposes. They have an app for the iPhone, which I like since I've been using my phone for tracking since the beginning. They also have the fitness section and I really loved the demo's for exercises. I know a lot of the basics, but let's be honest.. there are too many to memorize for us newbies! For those that use it- let me know what you love/hate about it!

So that's where I'm at right now. Getting back to the basics, focusing on my overall health instead of just the number on the scale, and enjoying the changes I'm making.

On a side note, Zumba was a blast Tuesday night with Steph. We haven't been since August, and I forgot how much I loved the energy you get from a class vs the DVDs. It's not the same at all-Tuesday nights are reserved for Zumba once again. And then I caught a stomach bug Wednesday. And tomorrow is the first weigh-in for our Biggest Loser contest at work, which I can almost say I'm not anxious about. Almost. I'll get there though.


  1. I think your doctor is right about mixing up your calories and activity to help with the plateau, sometimes our bodies just get too efficient. I hope you are feeling better and good luck with the WI tomorrow!

  2. I know how hard that decision was to make, but I'm so glad you took your overall health in to consideration and made the BEST decision for YOU! And that's so much more important than the number showing on the scale, after all! ;) *hug*

    I hope your cough gets better soon!!

  3. You have to do what's right for you in consultation with your doctor. I wrote a post about this today. I agree with mixing your calories and exercise up a bit to trick your body. Your body is just trying to help you out :-) Scram body! SparkPeople is really cool. You can get lost in that site too. They have forums and so much more. WTG on the blood pressure though. That is the most important thing of all.

  4. I've used Sparkpeople before, and they have a great calorie database. I've never tried the app before, but I've heard it's wonderful too. Once everything is said and done, the best thing we can do is what's best for US and no one else, and it looks like you're headed in the right direction. :)

  5. Sounds like you have a good plan. Focusing on getting healthy and not just that number on the scale is key to feeling happy and good about yourself!

  6. I tried Spark People and wasn't really impressed with their food look up. I did like the videos/demos of exercises. I like using The Daily Plate alot better. But that's just me.

    Glad you went to your doctor and talked about everything going on. With my weight loss I notice that if I don't toggle my calories or WW points then I don't lose. Change it up and I'm sure you will see results.

  7. Your doctor is a wise person. Your mind may know you're only on a diet, but your body knows only one thing: you are starving. The lower you go with your calories, the slower your body will burn them up to keep you from "starving". In the long run, you will probably be better off losing weight more slowly. How many people are out there who've lost massive amounts of weight quickly and then gained everything back plus some in short order?

  8. So sad that you dropped out of Allans challenge. I think no matter what diet you are on, plateaus are going to happen. I do believe that mixing up the calories EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE is good but the 1200 calorie thing is perfectly healthy for the most part. I do think that every few weeks eating another 500 or so calories for one day is good as it "surprises" your metabolism. At 1200 calories, you are NOT starving yourself, your body had just gotten USED to that many calories so it expects to burn that much. Try eating 2000 calories for one day and then going back to the 1200 calories. I lost 100 lbs. in a year doing that. I wish you well! Stay positive!!

  9. Allan said to get a Doctor to okay your plan. Your Doctor knows you and your situation better than mere bloggers. You have to trust her opinion.

    I hope all of this doesn't mean you are dropping out of blogging. I would miss you.

  10. Thank you so much for the support everyone, I do think this is the best thing for me. I'm already feeling less anxious about it, without getting less focused- have to find and keep that balance!