Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A blonde Harry plus a fat Ron.

Today was long, not a fan of 12 hour work days. One of the things I dislike most about the long days are not having enough time with my son. He waited up for me tonight though and had his bedtime snack while I had dinner so we could have some time together. I may not have gotten much right in my life so far, but Chris is proof that I'm not a total screw up. That, or he's amazingly resilient because he's absolutely the best thing (along with Mr. D) in my life. And he's a sarcastic little turd. Not sure where he gets that from.. Today we got a note from school letting us know that one of his classmates had lice (ironically, he spent the weekend with his dad and was exposed to it there as well apparently). I told him I'd check him again before bed. He told me it should be easy since I shaved. him. bald.


Despite what he may tell you, he is not bald. I did have it buzzed pretty short Sunday, however, because he was creating a huge bald spot playing with his hair. Now that he has none, he's moved on to mine. How smart was that, mom? Especially considering I already lose a hand full of hair every morning in the shower despite being on Bitoin for months. Dr. H says it's normal (I bet her hair isn't falling out). Healthy living, with help from the offspring, is going to make me bald.

Short hair looks good on Chris. Someone said he looked like a blond Harry Potter last week. Has his own little scar and all.

Me? Not so much. Although we do seem to have "Harry" in common though.

Yes, I did find that picture from the HP7 midnight book release. I don't recall Ron being that fat, either. And Steph breaks her anonymity here on the blog. Big day.

Wednesday's Totals: 1158 calories
Breakfast- Veggie omelet with fat free cheese, light toast, and coffee (193 cal)
Snack- Light Yogurt (110 cal)
Lunch- Turkey sandwich, pickle, and baked bbq lays (245 cal)
Snack- Banana, light string cheese, and half a 100 calorie pack- can you tell I got the munchies?! (220 cal)
Dinner- Greek style scampi and salad with Italian spritzer (390 cal)
Water- 96 oz, but nursing a 4th bottle
Exercise- 30 Day Shred L1


  1. Oh, Chris is a major cutie. I don't blame you for shaving it. My daughter got lice in elementary school from someone on her baseball team. It was a nightmare. She had long, blonde hair .... arrrghh. Nobody else in the family got it though, whew.

  2. Dig the boys hair cut; that is a look I had at his age too. Hmmm, interested in giving Greek style scampi a taste.

  3. My boys are practically bald, I shave almost all of it off, so much easier. Nice on the eats!

    Do you think that slowly trying the stairs will help? Do you think that the knee will build up endurance and it will get easier? I'd hate to see you give them up altogether. You're doing good!

  4. Lice ? Never fun, but the hair is cool...

  5. I love his hair longer, but it had to go given how fast the bald spot was growing! The lice warning was convenient timing I guess :)

    And I think he's pretty cute too- thanks!!