Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!! Is David Bowie singing in your head now, too? Aww, yeah.

I know, I'm an awful blogger buddy lately. I've still been keeping up with everyone, but my computer time is limited, thus the lack of commenting and posting! Trying to find a balance between reading/blogging about getting healthier and unplugging to actually do it. And lately, lots of time with my boys has been a crucial part of getting healthier. The proof is in all of the extra Xanax I have left right now ;)

Things are still plugging along, although slowly, on the diet front. Exercise has been almost non-existent for the last week and a half though (aside from one Zumba class last week). I usually work out in the evenings, and a major lack of sleep has me dragging ass by dinner lately. Sleep's always been an issue, but it's just so much worse when there's extra stress. I do eventually fall asleep, but I'm so restless that our bed looks like a war zone by morning. And no, not for good reasons this week! Mr. D sleeps right through it all somehow. On the bright side, I haven't reached for my medicine to help me deal with any of it so far. Yes, I am just oozing awesome sauce today :D

Along with exercise, tracking has slipped a little here and there as well. There's been no binging, but we did have dinner at mom's once this week, and I felt sick afterwards. Once I tracked my calories (1368), it wasn't as bad as I thought- but I ate a few very rich foods that just made me feel gross. I can't remember the last time I had stuffing, and I have no desire to eat it again anytime soon.. Funny how former favorite foods are no longer appealing after a while. And it sneaks up on you apparently.

I've given myself a lot more flexibility with my food choices for a few weeks now, and have done really well for the most part. However, I've also come to realize what a slippery slope this can be for me. Allowing certain foods, even in moderation, makes it more difficult to make smarter choices the rest of the day. Carb addict, carb sensitive.. call it what you will, but that's me through and through. I'll be starting a new plan this weekend that I think will help with this and will help "reset" my metabolism. I love my flexibility (and I'm a lot less stressed over my diet now), but I do need some kind of guidelines. The first few weeks are probably going to suck ass, but it will be worth it. And if not, my mother will be suffering right along side me!

Ask me if I still believe that in 17 days. Yeah, that was kind of a hint.


  1. It's good that things are starting to work out for your brother - the best thing you can do is be there for your nephew.

    Good luck with the new plan - I can't wait to hear about it and I am amazed that your mom is going to be doing "diet crap" =)

  2. I agree, that IS a slippery slope. I remember letting that happen to me, thinking I was still in control. Gradually, it went away. Don't let it do that!

  3. Good to hear from you and hope things settle down even more so. I love flexibility too, but I need guidelines as well - good way to put it. Have a great weekend.

  4. Guidelines - I totally get that! Like you said, when I give myself too much leeway with certain foods, I start to neglect the other foods I truly NEED, and sometimes it's hard to get back on track. Good for you recognizing that and doing something about it. I'm very proud of you! *Hugs*

  5. Here's hoping that there are good things to come for your nephew and things work out.

    As far as the carb/treat/rich foods: once you've eaten carefully for a spell, teh body gets used to a different way. Go back to rich foods, and you CAN ACTUALLY get literally sick. Seen it a lot with bloggers. But the body can readapt to those foods, which is why they are dangerous. It's not just psychological, as you prolly know, right? It's chemicals, it's the brain, it's physiology. The brain's pleasure center wants those goodies and if you don't give it to them, they quieten. If you feed that center, the habit can return really easily.

    So, here's to a calmer spell for you in all well...

  6. Have you tried taking Melatonin for sleep? You can find it in the vitamin section. I have to take it in order to sleep (if I don't then I get maybe 2-3 hours and toss and turn the rest). It's helped tremedously for me.

    Try the 3 mg first. My husband had the reverse side effects and it kept him up, but it works for my kids and myself.