Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 1..Kill me now.

Last night, I had dinner out with a friend as sort of a farewell to some of the foods that will be omitted for a few weeks. I ordered a 6 oz steak with broccoli (no butter) and salad- the steak being the only thing I can't have for a while (no red meat until Cycle 2). I had a small piece of chocolate later, and that's it. Not much of a farewell, eh?

Today? I miss carbs already. Bad. I brought husband a Reese's egg home last night, and he left it on the coffee table. Bad move. It's still there, and will be when he gets home, but damn. Less than 24 hours into this and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I'm a carb/sugar addict now. Giving up diet sodas (and then adding them back in once a week) was nothing. This? Withdrawal!

Breakfast was yogurt and a clementine. Lunch was scrambled eggs with tons of veggies thrown in (more veggies than egg). Dinner will be a chicken and veggie stir-fry from Genghis tonight. The parents are finally trying this place, and are both on this new plan with me, so it should be fun. Lots of fish, chicken, veggies, and green tea in my future.

And yes, mom is definitely doing the healthy thing with me now! She's the one that told me about the "17 Day Diet" in the first place and ordered the book. My dad is a little overweight, and is joining in too but basically skipping the first cycle and still having natural starches (something Mr. D has mentioned trying as well!). Dad's issue is mostly the amount of sugar he eats- he'll be diabetic in no time if he continues eating the way he is. It's going to be nice doing this together with them, but mom will probably have an easier time with the carbs than I will. We tried Atkins together once, and she did great with it. Me? Not so much. The fact that I struggle more with it is just further proof that it's necessary in my opinion.

Now I need help from all you culinary experts out there! I've NEVER cooked fish before, and will be trying tilapia and salmon this week. Any simple recipes for grilling/baking would be much appreciated!


  1. OK, the trick to fish is to a) get a nice piece at least an inch thick and b) to cook it NOT TOO LONG. Let's take your fish, pat it dry on all sides, season w/salt and pepper and a TINY SMIDGE of sugar, and put in pan (can you have a little oil? if so w/oil - otherwise, PAM olive oil spray) that's SMOKIN HOT. The fish will go ssszzzizzzzle. Do this for about two minutes and then carefully lift it to see if it has developed a nice brown crisp on that side. If so, gently flip it over and then place your entire skillet (this means you have to have a skillet without a plastic handle) into the oven at 400 for about 8 minutes. Voila, perfect fish every time. IF your filet is thinner, a) chop all the times in half, checking frequently and b) you might just get away with cooking it in the pan.

    I also get those big delicious sea scallops (the huge ones, not the tiny ones) and put them on the George Foreman, for like 2 minutes. Then I squeeze lemon all over George and thrown on a handful of spinach to wilt a bit. Voila - lunch in a flash.

    Best of luck. xoxo GP

  2. Hey, FYI I can't read your blog at work and my home computer is fritzy, I'm reading you and I'll make more of an effort to comment. Good luck with the new plan, your food today sounds like a typical day for me, good, light food.