Thursday, February 3, 2011

Does this mean I lost the war..?

I went to bed much later than I planned last night, so today has kind of dragged by. If it weren't for office drama, I may have nodded off at my desk. Today was just.. long. I won't bore you with work details, but there was a meeting today and some changes were made- changes everyone originally thought they wanted. But the stereotype for women holds true, we really don't know what we want, heh. I don't love all the details either, but I'm kind of at a point where I'm just refusing to let myself get worked up over such little details. (Look how rational I sound after exercising this week?!?!)

Anyway.. so I won the battle over breakfast this morning, but then dinner rolled around. I had this awesome meal planned.. I was going to make the shrimp stir-fry I get at Genghis Grill myself, and it was going to be epic. I even dreamed about this stir-fry. Shrimp, brown rice, carrots, broccoli, and honey soy sauce (which I found a recipe for). Sounds simple, right? Apparently not! I still have no clue where I went wrong, but I screwed it up in a way that would make Emeril cry. No "Bam!" for me tonight.

I guess the universe came back for revenge.. Maybe I shouldn't have gloated over breakfast.

Instead of my epic Mongolian stir-fry, I popped a lean cuisine in the microwave. I keep a few on hand for such occasions. Don't judge me ;)

Weigh-in for office BL contest is tomorrow morning- scale has held steady at a pound down all week, so we'll see what happens. Since I weigh naked at home, I never know what to expect fully clothed at work! My boss-friend went out and bought a scale this week so the-one-I-don't-like won't test me in the mornings anymore. I'm rarely nice on a good day, so pushing my buttons before I've had coffee and breakfast.. just not a good idea.

Thursday's Totals: 905 calories
Breakfast- Whole grain oatmeal with strawberries and coffee (210 cal)
Snack- Light yogurt (110 cal)
Lunch- Cup of vegetable soup with turkey sandwich and salad (235 cal)
Snack- Banana
Dinner- Lean cuisine and green beans (250 cal)
Water- 150 oz
Exercise- 3 miles on treadmill (first half running/walking intervals, second half on a varying incline) and 30 Day Shred L1


  1. Now that is a healthy day! Lots of water, glug glug...

    Good for you in not getting worked up over little details; stress be gone!

  2. What just cause you mucked up your Mongolian you think you lost the war? NOOOO, you didn't. If you had replaced the back stir-fry with two pizzas and a sundae chaser, that would have been bad. But since the war isn't just won or lost in one day, I'd say you could have jumped back on that horsie and been fine-even after that. You done good.

    Polar's Mom

  3. I think you had a perfect day! By the way, I love my Lean Cuisines, especially the pizza ones. Keep up the great work, hon! :)

  4. That's too bad about all your meals going bust! It'll get better! Good luck and WI!

  5. Nah, I think you've won because it's the effort that matters.

  6. One meal is a battle- not the whole war! I participated in a BL contest at work last year and the scale was so messed up. It said I lost like 12 lbs the first week- keep in mind I was already dieting and losing 1 lb. is a victory for me. lol.

  7. Hey, you did great with your "Plan B." Oh yeah, love the office drama as much as I love the online drama - NOT!