Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I just saw the first weigh-in for Biggest Loser this week, and I blanked on a title. Damn.

Wow. I won't blow it for anyone that still has it on DVR, but wow.

My morning started off with push-ups, thanks to my awesome accountability partner adding it to our spreadsheet. The plan is to do them daily, first thing, and see how we progress over the next month. March will add something new as well. I just want to say to anyone else that's struggling- an accountability partner is an awesome idea. When we see each other struggling, or not logging (he created this masterpiece of a spreadsheet for us) for more than a day, we call each other out. Even when we're off track, it's still helpful to have each other to bounce ideas off of or vent to. We're calling January a "warm-up" and we both kicked February off to an awesome start!

I loved all the responses on the last post re: pacing or pushing! Mixing it up is definitely the plan, best of both worlds and all. Right now, I'm aiming for cardio 5 days a week, strength 3 days a week and plan to mix both up on intensity/endurance depending on how I feel that day. Exercise was cardio again today (Snow didn't cancel Zumba this week- Steph is sick and Mr. D is working late), and I did manage running/walking intervals for the first mile, but the knee twinged.. Rather than risk making it angry, I slowed it down to a brisk walk. Also got in all the Phase 4 exercises with my morning push-ups. The wall-sits are a lot easier already, I can hold the full minute on the first 2 sets, the third set is still tough though! Chris tried to sit on my lap when I was almost done.. that one definitely didn't hold the full minute!

Tuesday's Totals: 1100
Breakfast- Coffee, fat free milk, 2 clementines, 1 slice light bread with light butter, 1 poached egg (305 cal)
Snack- Light yogurt (110 cal)
Lunch- 1 cup light vegetable soup, turkey sandwich on light bread with lettuce and mustard, broccoli steamed (240 cal)
Snack- 3 oz baby carrots with Ranch spritzer (50 cal)
Dinner- Greek Style Scampi with steamed mixed vegetables (395 cal)
Water- 150 oz
Exercise- Jumping jacks, wall-sits, stairs and 2.5 miles walking/running intervals

Scale is down today, can't wait to see what Sunday brings! I've really struggled the last few weeks with my motivation and mood after getting stuck for a few weeks. After this weekend, I finally feel like I'm regaining my focus (the consistency will come with it this week) and it's time to put the rest in place. I'm tired of treading water and wasting time. I know how to do this, time to prove it.

Anywho, time to watch Biggest Loser!


  1. Definitely good to stop pushing when the knee "twinges". Me,w ith my crapola knees, I gotta coddle them. They need to last a couple more decades. :)

    Glad you're back on it...

  2. 150 ounces of water?? How do you do it? Wow!! I really need to start drinking more water but its so hard!

  3. It's great that you have gotten back on track and are feeling it again! Be careful with that knee!

  4. Good call on the knee. You don't want to get hurt and then not be able to do anything. Accountability partner, huh? Good idea. Have fun.

  5. You're doing SO great hon! I'm very proud of you. Oh, and I'm totally jealous over you watching The Biggest Loser. Our cable doesn't pick up the network stations. *sniff sniff* Way to go pacing yourself and taking care of that knee. Good call. :)

  6. Great start to the new month!!! You better reach 199 before I do!!! :-)

  7. Nice on the eats and exercise! How are those wall sits going? I'm having a hard time with those!

    Wow on those numbers is right for Biggest Loser. I think I know who you're talking about. Can you believe that they whine about losing only "5" lbs. in one week? or something like that.

  8. The knee kinda gives me a warning before it throws a fit, and I've definitely learned to pay attention to those warnings ;)

    Need to get me- I left you a comment on your blog re: water!

    Darla- I really think everyone should have an accountability partner if possible! My husband and friends are supportive, but having someone that's struggling through this right along with you that GETS it is needed. We can do that a lot through our blogs, but I personally don't share every single detail here. I can do that with Phil though.

    Pam- Thank you for that extra motivation!! I'm so close, but I've been hovering since December- argh! Before the end of February would be awesome!

    Debbi- Honestly, the stairs were tougher in my opinion because of the knee. The first set is easy, second set is tough, and by the third set, I'm a little shaky. Now that Phase 4 is over, not sure I'll keep doing them because I like the squats/lunges better.