Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sorry I'm late boss, I was battling the universe over breakfast..

Let's be honest.. I'm late for just about everything. I try to be at work by 7am, but 7:30 is more often when I get there. Not today!

That's what time I LEFT for work. I even got up half an hour earlier this morning (and squeezed out 5 extra push-ups), so what went wrong?

I just wanted some waffles, y'all.. Is that really too much to ask? Apparently, as the universe was conspiring against me today on the waffle front. I tried twice and burned them both times. The kiddo's waffles came out perfect though.

The culprit?

I don't know why my beloved toaster oven was upset with me this morning.. Perhaps it was confused since we normally make English muffins together. Either way, this left me with some strawberry mush (thawed frozen strawberries mushed up) and nothing to pour it over.

The solution?

Whole grain instant oatmeal, with my mush mixed in! Filling (couldn't finish all of it) and only 200 calories.

And yes, delicious. I win.

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  1. I always start out with the best intentions when it comes to getting somewhere early--but I usually end up running late. My culprit? Finding something to wear. I even dreamed last night that I woke up at the time I was supposed to be to my sub job, and then I couldn't find anything to wear. I think it's time for new clothes for me!

    Sorry about your waffles man. :)

  2. I am always late too! I love oatmeal mush.

  3. Count me in on the lateness, I often look like a homeless person when I get to work because I never have time to do my hair or makeup- not that I really want to, and I do it when I get there.

  4. You won, you won...cute picture of you!

  5. One of the best blog entry titles ever! And I've had days like that. No matter what I cook, it's over-- or under-- or badly made and I have to keep improvising while I holler at the no one in particular. :)

    Glad you won in the end. :)

  6. It's good that you could find an alternate!

  7. I love it that you gave us pictures of the entire thing! xoxoxoxoox GP

  8. Good save!! And much better than waffles! YAY you!

    Polar's Mom