Thursday, March 3, 2011

Distracted because Vampire Diaries is on.. Oh yeah, and a NSV.

I don't even know where to start... It's all good though!

1) My dad has lost 19 lbs in a week?!?! I add the ? because, REALLY? How come I got his sweet tooth and not THAT gene?!?! Seriously though, I'm so proud of my dad! Mom, who's lost 5, confirmed the scale wasn't broken or tampered with. I can't tell you how awful my dad was eating before, and he's feeling so much better with all the fresh, healthy foods.

2) I went clothes shopping last night for the first time (other than a top here and there) since dropping almost 50 lbs (asshat scale said 200.2 this morning. Really? 49.8?). I had NO clue what size I would be. The jeans I've been wearing comfortable are 18s. The 16s (not 16w, just 16) are too snug right now- but I can wear them as long as I'm cool with a muffin top. At work, we can wear scrubs or business casual (read: no jeans, capri's, sandals, etc). I was wearing a 22/24 when I first started this, but they became so baggy that it just wasn't appropriate for work! So, I pulled out my old scrubs that had gotten way too tight and have been wearing those since September- and they're baggy now too. When I got to Kohl's, I was pretty much clueless. I had no idea what size I was, so on autopilot, I went to the Women's section. That's where I've shopped since my son was born.

Now, I've heard others say that the first time shopping was overwhelming.. You don't know your size, what looks good on your shape now, etc. Let me tell you something.. When I pulled on 16s (!) and XL tops, overwhelmed was not at all what I felt! Liberated? Hell yeah! This chick is no longer restricted to the plus size section! I had an entire new section open up to me- options I'd never had before. It was a little odd venturing into this uncharted territory, and I'm sure I imagined the "Aren't you on the wrong side of the store?" stares, but I loved the experience. I know my body is changing, I see it on the scale, but now I'm starting to see it in the mirror as well. I still didn't know what looked good on me though, so BFF got pictures of almost everything I tried on ;)

3) Since I'm talking about sizes anyway, may as well mention my bra size has dropped again. I'm officially a 36DD, down from a 42DD. Husband is very happy (one of my friends at work actually asked him when he had lunch with us today) that my cup size hasn't changed so far, but I'm secretly hoping it drops a little eventually.

4) Weight Watchers.. Oh, how I've missed you. I didn't start back on it until Tuesday, but I went ahead and tracked my food starting Sunday (it was all in fitness pal) and saw I was way under my points both Sunday and Monday (by almost 20- and I only get 31- on Sunday). Maybe I was eating too little. I know that I feel better now, I don't feel obsessive, and I know it's something I can stick to. I did it for months with BFF successfully. I'll be sticking with this, because I know it's something I CAN stick with. No more plan-hopping for me.

I'll try to post some pictures this weekend.. I wanted to wait until I broke 200, and that will happen this weekend :)


  1. .2! That must have been frustrating! Looking forward to the new pics!

    That's great about the shopping - it feels great to go down in size!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed your "first time" shopping. I almost had an anxiety attack the first time. That sucks about the .2 but you will get it. So happy for you!!!

  3. 19lbs is Biggest Loser style! Wow! And congrats to you for all the new fitting clothes. Yay! I'm also surprised my cup size hasn't gone down (after 45 lbs), I always thought you lost weight there first! Oh well I'm happy with that.

  4. Woohoooo!!! Way to go on that shopping trip! Oh how I can't wait to experience that! I'm SO PROUD of you and your parents! You're all doing GREAT! (Oh, and believe it or not, I've never watched Vampire Diaries. LOL)

  5. Wow- under by 20 points, that's crazy! You must not have been eating NEARLY enough! Eating enough will definitely help you out. :)

    Congrats to your Dad and Mom! That's so wonderful!

    And how fun on the shopping trip! :)