Thursday, April 7, 2011

My bad.

I've gotten a few emails and comments asking where I went.

First, thank you for checking on me. I honestly didn't realize it had been that long since I last posted. My bad.

Second, I'm okay. I haven't quit (blogging or dieting), I'm just having a very hard time focusing on anything right now and have lost some ground. Some being 6-7 lbs. My priorities were/are out of whack, and I'm working on it. That's the easiest way I know how to explain it.

I still don't have much to say right now, but I'll make an effort to post weekly, even if it's just to let y'all know I'm still alive!

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  1. I was actually thinking about you the other day... yes, please keep us udpated!!! Glad everything is ok!

  2. Hey, you can regain lost ground! Glad to see you update. Post again soon!

  3. Oh good! Glad to hear everything is okay, I was starting to get worried!

  4. I was starting to worry, too! Good to see that you're doing okay. I'm sorry that you're feeling unfocused - that gets frustrating. Do what you need to do, and post when you can. You'll get back in focus soon! :)

  5. I never know if I should email a blogger who vanishes. Or if that is too "big brother."

  6. It's been MORE than a week. POST, woman,, POST!!!!!!!!