Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cicada's and Meatheads

My first week back on plan has been good. Last night we splurged a little for my BFF's birthday, but still kept it in check. I planned to go to the gym afterwards to negate some of the splurge, but we decided to see "Fright Night" after dinner ( I lurve vampire movies!). We left Mr. D in charge of checking movie times, and that was a bad idea since he drank almost an entire pitcher of peach sangria at dinner! We asked for tickets to the 8:30 showing, and didn't realize until we got ready to go in that the cashier had given us all tickets to the 9:45 show. I'll never trust the Flixster app again..

BFF and I were attacked by cicada's afterwards, so at least we weren't bored while waiting for the movie. One flew in my hair. And I shrieked. Just like a girl. Ugh.

This week, we bought Mr. D a membership to the gym. We had a chance to go together once this week (won't happen often with the kid), and it was nice. He used an elliptical for the first time, and it was hysterical watching him try to figure it out! He got a chance to laugh at me, too, so I don't feel that bad. I've had my membership almost a year now, and have never used any of the weights. I want to, I just have no clue what to use and not sure if the staff at our gym would be much help. Mr. D worked at the gym on his college campus, so he took me around and showed me how to use a few.

First, can I say how weird it felt to be the only girl over there??? At our gym, there's 2 sections with weights. One is just machines, and the other is mostly free weights where all the meatheads hang out and grunt (is grunting a requirement to use that side of the gym?). I rarely see girls over in the meathead section. So of course, that's where Mr. D took me. And laughed because I couldn't reach the pulley things. He stopped laughing when I used 70lbs on the rowing machine. He said that was good for a girl, but I have absolutely no comparison so he may have just been trying to redeem himself ;)

I liked using the weights, and want to start adding that in a lot more. I've used my 5lb dumbbells, but that's not the same. It takes a LOT of use for those to make my muscles sore. Just 25 minutes using weights with Mr. D and I'm still sore 2 days later. I don't like being sore the next day, but at least I know I didn't waste my time.

So, if anyone has a weight lifting program they really like, I definitely need suggestions! Ideally, I want to be so physically intimidating that cicada's will fly away screaming. That's my only requirement after last night. *shudder*

Off to the pool with Chris now, will catch up on blogs later tonight :))


  1. Can you afford a personal trainer for a couple of sessions? That seemed to work the best for me. He was able to show me how to use each machine/free weight effectively and gave me some much needed advice. After a couple of sessions I was on my own and felt like I actually knew what I was doing.

  2. That is great that both of you are going to the gym!

  3. FM- Not sure our gym let's them in, but found out tonight that they do offer unlimited "smart training," whatever that is. I called to set up an appointment, but staff was out for the night. Will definitely find out more about that!

    Kara- They're giant mutant bugs that make this creepy noise! Google images will bring up a ton of photo's. They give me the willies, even though they're harmless!