Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today, we pout.

This week has not been all sparkly so far. We've had extra stuff come up this week (and y'all know that crap makes me twitchy), homework issues with the kid, and the husband seems to be on a mission to drive me batshit crazy.

Last night, an old friend's husband was going to meet me at the gym (he used to work at a different gym) to help me put together a routine. He stood me up. So after I finished my cardio, I started on the weights by myself. The first one I went to pissed me off. I couldn't get it to move, no matter what the weight was. And, of course, the more I tried to figure it out, the more attention it drew. So I finally kicked the machine (yes, literally) and left. In a huff. If my hair hadn't been up in a knot, I probably would have flipped it with indignation.

Then bff cancelled Zumba tonight. After having last night's workout not go as planned, that was frustrating. I'm not mad at her, just frustrated. I planned to go alone, but dozed off when the guys left for Cub Scouts. No worries, I have Zumba on DVD, right?

Wrong! Mr. D came home and took over the tv to play xbox.

So I'm whining to you guys instead of eating shit. Thanks for helping me not add more dimples to my ass. That's love.


  1. You are amazing and I love this post! It's great that you are not eating - maybe kicking Mr.D would be a good workout =)

  2. Love you, Mrs. D - I can completely understand this kind of week, and how disheartening it can be. Good for you for getting back to it and sticking with it, and thanks for encouraging me to do the same! :)

  3. Oh I have kicked plenty weight machines out of frustration, and received many unwanted stares in the process. The image of me walking out, flippin the bird, and screaming EFF YOU was a near possibility. Those things are death traps waiting to happen if you don't know how to use them. Either by kicking or punching them....or by dropping a weight because you had no clue what was going on. Did you check out that program at your gym?

    Maybe you should have kicked Mr. D instead. I think that would have been 100% more fun. LOL :)

  4. I love you guys!!

    I did check on the training thing, and they said to just come in and ask at the desk during staff hours. That was on the agenda Saturday morning, but now we have to work OT this weekend. Lame. Hopefully I can make it in tomorrow night before the staff leaves after getting kiddo to Mimi's house.