Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday was a biatch to me.

Work was frustrating and lasted 12 hours, and we have to come in Saturday. I had my labs drawn in the morning (not pregnant, they checked) and I HATE needles. Mr. D and I had a come-to-Jesus talk. He's promised to try and be less annoying since I can't take happy pills while trying to get pregnant. Some days it's definitely me, but picking at me doesn't make it easier.

I ended up going over my calories a little yesterday (around 1500 instead of 1200). Not unhappy with that, but my choices weren't all good (pizza) and it was mindless munching. The mindless eating out of frustration is what I have to fix. I plan to start posting food porn until I get back on track. I think stopping to take a photo will help me cut out the mindless snacking.

Breakfast- a low fat waffle with strawberries and lite whip cream, hard-boiled egg, and skim milk.
Snack- cantaloupe.
Lunch- salad, sun dried tomatoes and chicken pasta.
Snack- banana, wheat crackers, and laughing cow cheese.
Dinner- grilled chicken, carrots, salad, and baked potato.

I'll be under my limit for the day by about 100.

Also, my new favorite thing:


  1. It must have been pizza Wednesday, because we took the kids to CiCi's. So awful and I stuffed my fat face. Whatever. Today I was better and moved on.

    Good for you for moving on too. And good for Mr. D to try and chill out on that annoying guy crap. Lay off the xbox! (maybe I need a come to Jesus meeting with my hubby)

  2. Oh la la I like the sound of that laughing cow cheese.. I must try it!!

  3. Sorry you had a rough time yesterday and glad that today is better. Your eating looks great too. I've like that flavor of laughing cow, but my favorite is still the Onion. I don't care much for the Sun-dried Tomato.

  4. That is my fave! I use it as a spread and it doubles as cheese on my sandwich!

  5. FM- I love pizza. Any day. It's bread, and sauce, and cheese so what's not to love?! Oh, maybe that's why I'm fat!

    CG- definitely do! I used it on the ritz wheat crackers, and it was an awesome quick snack to tide me over until dinner.

    Tammy- I don't care for the sun dried tomato one, either. I think the queso one is my favorite!

    BWB- I hadn't thought of using it like that! I mix it into my eggs, and on crackers, so will definitely need to try it on a wrap or something. Thanks for the idea!