Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's not what it looks like..

Didn't post a weigh-in yet this week, and it's not because I was bad or anything. I wasn't perfect, there was sushi and frozen yogurt on date night this past weekend, and a few bites of Mr. D's soup, but I stayed within my points all weekend, and all week so far. Exercise has not been wonderful, thanks to a sore knee and shoulder after Zumba on Tuesday. I took Wednesday off, and planning to try a dvd at home tonight. Neither has bothered me too much today, but I'm not going to push if it starts to hurt in the middle of it.

Our office started another round of Biggest Loser (not my doing- honest), and weigh-ins for that are Friday mornings. I hate the idea of weighing twice, so I'm just going to post my losses from that instead. So I'll have that tomorrow :)  Two people weighed in early today, and both had to pay in. A few others mentioned they're expecting the same, and didn't sound too worried about it. I'm not saying worrying is a good thing, but I've never seen the group be so whatever about gaining this early in the competition. It's the first weigh-in, guys! Doesn't exactly bode well for the next 11 weigh-ins, especially since they'll be happening during the holidays.

Biggest Loser started up this week, and it looks like it might be more interesting than the last few seasons. I love the show, but haven't really followed it as closely the past few seasons. Partially because I have ADD, and watching a 2 hour show every week is just asking too much. We did watch the weigh-ins, though. Is anyone else watching this season?

In other news, I'm cooking salmon tomorrow night. Mostly because I have it in the freezer and neither of the boys will be home to complain about it. I am not a fish person, unless it's fried. I found 2 tilapia recipes that weren't bad, but that's the best I can say. I'm stubborn though, and determined to find fish recipes I can enjoy simply for the health benefits. So any awesome fish recipes you have (doesn't have to be salmon- just whatever), lay it on me :))

**I've been commenting this week on blogs via a new app on my phone, and JUST saw that they aren't showing up apparently. I'm not being an ass, honest, just faulty technology :(


  1. It is a little weird that your co-workers aren't more concerned about thier first weigh in. I mean it's week one! You stay on track and you will blow everyone out of the water!

    I haven't watched BL since the first 5 seasons. It has changed so much that I just don't like it anymore.

    By the way, I hate fish! The only seafood I can stand is boiled shrimp or crab. Anything else and I want to gag. Good luck finding something!

  2. I hope that bodes well for you being the "Biggest Loser" at work!

    I have BL taped and will try and find some time to watch it but hubby isn't all that interested so we will see if I get there =)

    Fish is gross.....hubby likes it and he says make a tinfoil packet with orange or lemon, olive oil and salt and pepper.

  3. Love the BL, though I also thing 2 hours is a long time so I tivo it and fast forward through a lot.

  4. I hope so too!! Extra Christmas shopping money is always nice!