Friday, October 7, 2011


First things first.. Friday is our BL weigh in at work. I was nervous all week, even brought money thinking this may be the week I'd have to pay into the pot. Not only was I struggling at the beginning of the week, I've been dealing with plumbing problems (sorry for the tmi!). Both issues have been resolved.though, and I'm happy to report that I'm back in first place again!

I think I've found a solution to the struggling as well. Last year, I participated in Allan's double dog dare challenge, and it really helped me. I didn't just survive the holidays, I owned them. I got down to my lowest weight in 8 years. I saw 200, but never moved past that. Why? I still don't know why, but I know how. Something about 200 messed with my head. I struggled and couldn't move past it, and eventually just stopped. Then I welcomed back 25 lbs over the summer. I say welcomed because I made the choices that put the weight back on. The hell with that, someone kick my ass if I just give up again.

So Thursday, I signed up for the triple dog dare challenge (I'll link to it later- not sure how to on my phone). My starting weight was 219.8 lbs, and my predicted weight on January 1 is 183 lbs. Sploosh! I want to see that SO BAD.

On another note, it's Mental Illness Awareness week! Make sure your crazy, twitchy friends know you love them! Mr. D thinks HE needs a holiday for putting up with me, especially since I've been off my anxiety meds since June.

Take it up with Hallmark, husband.


  1. Welcome to the TDD!! :D Let's do this thing!

  2. It's nice to hear you were successful in the double-dog dare challenge ... I've just joined the TDD - and it's my first on-line challenge ... I'm hoping it gives me the push I need :)