Friday, January 27, 2012

Boom, Post 2.

Today's eats were mostly on track (minus the tracking) part..

Breakfast was the same as yesterday- half a light English muffin, turkey bacon, egg, and ff cheese. Hubs has made breakfast for me the last 2 mornings :)
Lunch was a ff tortilla wrap with hummus, grilled chicken, tomato, and cucumber with a spinach salad (ff dressing)
Snack was strawberries and a bite of the kid's cupcake
Dinner was steak with blue cheese crust (scraped off because I wasn't impressed with how that turned out), and another spinach salad.

The kid got a note home from school this week from the teacher saying how well he had focused and how proud she was. I know how hard that is for him since we've kept him on a very low dose of ritalin, so when he asked if we could go to Muddy's, I thought it was a well earned treat. For him. I didn't order one for myself, but I did try a bite of his. While there, I also ordered some for the baby shower tomorrow.. a dozen of the kind I dislike, and a dozen of the kind that give me migraines (if I'm stupid and have more than one). That should help with the temptation! ;) 


  1. Dinner looks fantastic!! Put that same dinner on a small plate and you will be amazed how filling it is. I have found anything on a big plate with that much plate showing through, always leaves me wanting more. With that same portion on a small plate ~ it's work eating it all. Kind of amazing! Works for me!

    Keep focused!

  2. We usually use the salad plates at meals, but I'm weird about my salad dressing touching other stuff, haha!! Using the smaller plates definitely helps me feel more satisfied, too!