Friday, January 6, 2012

Family January Goals

The first week of 2012 is almost over, are you sticking to those resolutions with the same enthusiasm you had on Sunday? Will you still be excited the first week of February?

I'm not struggling with anything other than the exercise. I gave myself permission to focus on healthier eating first, but for me, the exercise is necessary for weight loss. I know some can drop the pounds by just watching their calories, but I'm not one of them. My screwy metabolism requires both if I want to see any results. Lame, I know. Right now, I'm trying to make myself add it to my morning routine, but I'm SO not a morning person.

Mr. D and I have two goals for the month of January. First, we're working on buying less and less processed foods. This week, we focused on more organic fruits and vegetables. Technically, not a big change but that's the idea. I know my guys, and they don't do well with big changes! Buying organic produce (anything where the outer layer is not removed) is an easy change that will benefit all of us given how much pesticides are used nowadays! For those that already eat mostly organic, what's a good change for next week??

Our second January goal isn't health related. I bet ours isn't the only family that goes a little overboard at Christmas! We don't add debt over Christmas or anything, but we do spend entirely too much. To balance our December spending, we're having a "no spending" month. If it's not a necessity, we don't buy it. That includes eating out, picking up extra non-essentials between grocery days, going out for dates, etc. It's been easy so far, it's just going to require planning ahead. I have homemade soups in the freezer for those nights when cooking isn't possible. We have fun, free family nights and date nights planned. We're using up things that have been buried in the pantry and freezer for a while (seriously, I'm awful about buying extras just because it's on sale). If we stick to it all month, we have a nice night out planned at the end of the month :)

What's your plan to make 2012 resolutions stick??


  1. I have a blank calendar, and I am OCD about things being consecutive. My goal is to do a minimum number of jumping jacks, crunches and push ups every night. I write the number on the blank calendar day. It's a weird little "HA! Look what I did!" feeling that I get. I hope I can do it even past January (so far I only have January planned out).

  2. Haha! I'm the same way about the visuals! I have a pack of stickers for my calendar- one for every day I actually exercise :)