Thursday, January 26, 2012


Allan challenged everyone to blog twice daily for accountability.. hmm. I think it's a great idea, but not sure I have time for two posts. As infrequent as my posting is now, once daily is challenge enough! Besides, do y'all really want to read my ramblings twice daily? ;) Me neither!

This morning was awful mood wise. I've already gotten it out of my system with a friend and don't want to go into the details again, but I think I'll be taking a vacation from my family after the baby shower Saturday. I've mentioned before that I love my mother, but my relationship with her was and continues to be the most dysfunctional one I have. My goal for 2012 is to be healthier and happier, and I really feel that my relationship with her and other family standing in the way of that. I'm not cutting ties with them, I do love them, but a break and some boundaries have become necessary. And I really need to learn to say no.

Eats today were good..
Breakfast was half a light English muffin, a slice of turkey bacon, an egg, and a slice of fat free cheese with coffee.
Snacks were 2 clementines and half a serving of almonds.
Lunch was leftover cola chicken and green beans.
Dinner will be hamburger noodle casserole and veggies.

I've got yogurt and an apple ready if I want a snack later.. I've really been struggling with night time snacking. It's almost always popcorn (Mr. D pops it every night).


  1. Families can be tough for sure. Glad you are taking care of yourself!

    Keep focused!!

  2. Sometimes that's a tough decision to make - but acknowledging you need a break and taking one will be good for you and for the family relationships!
    How is your heel?

  3. My favorite thing quote I've heard recently is that when you say no to someone else, you're saying yes to yourself.