Sunday, January 29, 2012

Picture Post

The baby shower went extremely well, considering how awkward I was expecting it to be! I think everyone had fun, and I'm blessed to have such amazing friends. We didn't have any shower games (hooray!), just great company, good eats, and lots of pink gifts! Just wanted to share a few photos!
The Baby Shower Eats (I think I did really well, though I did enjoy a cupcake)

The Punch


My first diaper cake

Vanessa in the nursery

BFF and I finally had a chance to exchange Christmas gifts yesterday, and I couldn't have asked for something more perfect! I've been trying to follow the FlyLady system this month, but the website just has so much info! I read the first chapter while taking a bubble bath last night (helped my foot after being on it all day), and I think I know where I've been going wrong- baby steps!! As usual, I try to do too much all at once. And when I can't, I quit. So I did the first 3 baby steps, and that's it. Progress, not perfection.

And oh, the cookbook!! I love them, you guys know this. I can sit and read a cookbook cover to cover. I've already made it halfway through this one and marked several recipes to try! It has a ton of desserts under 200 calories, and a lot of it is made from scratch rather than mixes. PERFECT.

See? My faves.

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