Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Popular Resolutions Post

So.. I haven't posted about my New Year resolutions yet because, honestly, I've been busy keeping them. Only 5 days in and I feel good, happy, optimistic. Even if it is just all in my head, having the illusion of a clean slate just makes it easier for me. Not just with the weight loss, but with everything that has been weighing me down the past few months. Something I'm really working on right now is my all-or-nothing attitude. Perfectionism was my worst enemy in 2011.. if I couldn't do it "right," I didn't do it at all. Again, not just with my diet.

My only real goal in 2012 is to be happy with myself and my life. I don't want to get all mushy, but I'm working on accepting that I'm enough just as I am. December was tough, and I'm finally coming out of my crazy funk. If you've never been depressed, I'm not sure I can explain it. I think it was a combination of my normal anxiety, lack of sleep, unhealthy eating, in-law drama, missing my grandmother (Christmas.was her thing and she passed 12-30-08), you get the idea. And I've been meds free since July (can't take them while trying to get pregnant). High-five, self.

Anywho, things I'm working on right now to help me reach that goal:

- getting back to my routines. FlyLady is helping tremendously with the all-or-nothing attitude. My time management skills are one of the first things to go when I get depressed.

- tracking my points again with Weight Watchers. Eating more real foods. Organic is not in the plans just yet, but we are inching towards less and less processed food in the house.

- getting enough SLEEP! This is an ongoing issue of mine.. I have to make it a priority for my physical and mental health.

- exercise, also for my physical AND mental health :)

- making time for more fun stuff, as a family and for myself. Some weeks, we are so busy that the only time we get together are meals (we have dinner at the table with no tv religiously). Even if it's just 30 minutes of reading together, or a quick board game after dinner. My son is growing up fast and I don't want to regret not spending more time doing something FUN with him when he actually wanted to do things as a family :)

My goal is to be happier with myself and my life, and these are just a few steps I can take to get there. My game plan, I suppose.

I'm not committing to posting a certain number of times weekly, just that I'm going to do better with that as well. Better is all I can guarantee with anything at this point :)

Here's to not wasting 2012!

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