Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Menu!

Have I mentioned I'm a crazy menu lady before? Seriously. It's not that I'm organized, I just have a bit of OCD. I plan our menu out at a month at a time, and cook at least 5-6 nights a week. It sounds insane, but it's easier for me this way. When I make my menu, I pull ALL my cookbooks out, ALL the recipes I've saved in my email that I want to try, ALL the stuff on Pinterest I want to try.. you get the idea. With all the crap I'm pulling out to make the menu, it kind of seems stupid NOT to do more than a week when I sit down to do it. And a bonus? I don't have to do it for another whole month ;) 

See? Crazy. The faces are the boys "rating" dinner. Kid really liked tonight's dinner..

Anywho.. here's our menu for this week!

Tonight: Zesty BBQ roasted chicken and potatoes with broccoli (7 points) NEW
Monday: Chicken spaghetti and salad (it used to be 7 before the new points plus)
Tuesday: Chicken stuffing bake and carrots (6 points)
Wednesday: Pecan crusted chicken (5 points), garlic potatoes, and green beans
Thursday: Loaded potato soup (will have to refigure the points on this one, but it's 4-5 I think)
Friday: Chicken enchiladas (4 points) NEW
Saturday: Poppy-seed chicken with broccoli and cauliflower 

The poppy-seed chicken isn't technically new, but I've never made it. It's one of my great grandmother's recipes I found while making the family cookbooks at Christmas. It looks like it's going to be a bit high in points, so I'm saving it for Saturday. I don't use any weekly points until Saturday so I can make the higher point meals the boys love without going over for the week. I didn't even dip into them this weekend when we had bbq chicken pizzas.

It's all about planning ahead!


  1. I am just starting to get into planning our meals! At first, I tried just a week at a time, but that quickly got daunting, so I am doing the month at a time plan. I love it thus far! I'm also trying to go to the grocery store just one to two days a I write out all the needed groceries and follow my list! It's kind of fun and challenging :D

    You'll have to share some of your recipes, especially the zesty bbq roast chicken since it got that high of a rating!!

  2. I like menu planning but I have a hard time planning a month at a time because I base my menu on sales and such. I try to at least plan a week or 2 out. It really helps.

  3. Meal planning has helped me out a ton! While I don't do a month out in advance, I do weekly, saves so much time!

  4. Ana- I do 2 trips a week as well.. one for the big trip, and one to restock fruits and veggies!

    Pam- I feel you on the sales!! I rarely buy meat or snacks for the guys that aren't on sale. Our store will put certain meats on sale once, and it may be a month before it's on sale again. Since I know what I need for the month, I can grab the amount I need when it does go on sale.

  5. Wish I was that organized! Love the faces!!!

    Keep focused!